Improved Theatre

Hey, what if the camera could do more cool stuff? For example:

Assign the d-pad special actions like twist/rotating shots, depth of zoom and precise camera speed.

A Forgeable, stationary camera that will film the match from its spot? Might be useful for machinima.

Please put the Spartan back in the centre this time around. What are they doing all the way down there in Reach?


What do you mean by put the spartan in the center?
Oh,and the rest I agree with.

I agree with everything. The thing I would like to see most though, is the ability to use the left trigger to rewind as we use the right to fast forward. It would be a lot more helpful if you’re looking for something, miss it by 1 frame, then going back 5 seconds or more.

By centering the Spartan I mean, when you hit Y and follow the character. In Halo 3 the physical object of the Spartan was more or less in the centre of the screen, but in Reach it tends to exclude the legs, even when zoomed out. Theatre was easier to use in Halo 3 I find, because the Spartan was wholly represented and in clear view.