Improve the Shields FX?!

This is just a small matter but one thing that boosted my enjoyment of Halo 2s multiplayer (/singleplayer when shooting shielded enemies) was the way the enemies shield responded to bullets. It kinda hard to explain - some of you will know what I mean - and I’m hoping 343 add more effects to the shields responsiveness rather than just having the faint yellow energy thingymabob dissapearing.

I agree the FX could be improved perhaps even be made customisable with players choosing their shield colours

I guess it could be improved but it’s hard to tell how it would be since jumping from to Xbox One will mean power behind Halo so I guess anythings possible.

Definitely. If you compare the shield and explosion effects of Halo: Reach and those of Halo 4, there’s no contest at all. There’s a reason why 343 only ever compared Halo 4’s visuals to H3’s in its Vidocs.

Not my biggest complaint, but yeah the shield recharge in the previous games sounded much better. I can live with the current sound though, it’s a small problem compared to some of the other changes.

Yes I must say it is a bit bland. Perhaps we could customize the electrical effect in the next halo?

> Yes I must say it is a bit bland. Perhaps we could customize the electrical effect in the next halo?

Reach’s “Inclement Weather” effect. As your shield recharge.

OP: Do agree though. I enjoy the visual/audial effects in Halo, but the H4 shield wasn’t really one that stood out.
(Still love the H1 recharge sound the most)

Seems like a cool idea. : D

Agreed OP, shielding effects and explosions were absolutely abysmal, it’s a shame really. I would hope they are done a helluva lot better in the next game. explosions were at their best they’d ever been in Halo Reach, and shielding was absolutely amazing in Halo CEA, really fantastic. I hope they can emulate that in Halo 5, I really expect amazing visuals in that game, especially because it’s Next-Gen. Also, I don’t know if any of you have played Mass Effect 3, but I really admire the explosions in that game, they are so amazing.

I hope the Prometheans receive better shield flare. I hated how the Brutes in Halo 3 didn’t have it (it was fixed in ODST). If anything, Halo 5 should resolve the issue.