Improve orientation on Maps

First of all: I don’t know if there has been such a post before. Sorry, but there are so many new topics…it’s a mess :sweat_smile:

So, as much as I like the new maps in general, there is one thing that quite bothers me: It’s pretty hard to orientate sometimes.

After respawning, I often don’t know whether or not I’m on our Team’s side of the map or the other way around.

The problem is that some maps have a very symmetric layout and there is not much that separates the left side from the right.

For example: If you remember Valhalla/Ragnarok, there is this big wall on one side and the crashed Pelican on the other. Also, one Base is “in the mountains” and the other down the beach. This makes it pretty easy.

That’s something Deadlock and Fragmentation are missing. I mean…of course, there are elements like this if you look closely, but it’s just not very obvious in the heat of battle. Highpower is a positive example which works way better.

Of course, this is also an issue on Arena maps, especially Behemoth. Here it would help if only one side had a tower or if one tower had a different design (like it’s made out of rocks/is part of nature, not a building). Right now they are called East and West, but I don’t want to check my compass all the time to know where north is :grimacing:

Or on Bazaar, there is this blue or red painted stripe on the building’s walls. But that’s just too subtle to notice…

I think, having more distinguishable sides or “landmarks” would help to make better callouts, so in the end, gameplay could actually benefit from those changes.

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