Impossibly long download time?

Hey dudes, I just bought Guardians via the online Xbox store last night (I made the mistake of not just getting a physical copy) and now it’s taking incredibly long to download. I woke up today to find it was only at 35%. I decided (like an idiot) to uninstall the game and try again hoping for a quicker download. Now I’m only at a whopping 4% and I’m running an excruciating 1-3Mbits/s, how long is this damn download gonna take???

I think it took me at about 7-8 hours to download averaging about 2MB/s. Did you check your current bandwidth usage in the network settings of your xbox?

You could also try putting your xbox in the DMZ on your router settings.

Took me about 30 hours to download and I’m not even having any issues with disconnects like every one else

It has nothing to do with my internet cause Halo 5 is the only game that took so long other games downloading in an hour or 2