Impossible to win social as solo

Its unbelievable how incredibly difficult it is to come by wins as someone who ques as a solo. Due to lack of friends that want to play this game.

I was in a spartan company in halo 5 with well over 100+ members. None of them are remotely interested in playing this barebones game. Therefore im left with attempting to play solo and continously go on losikg streaks.

Im an onyx ranked player btw. Love losing game after game in social when im not trying to sweat every game lol.

Anyone else have this issue, no matter their skill level?


Well, solo queuing for matches is generally regarded as playing to lose, since you’re purposely putting yourself at a disadvantage when you play by allowing an AI to pick teammates for you instead of picking them yourself.

Best suggestion would probably be posting on forums and discords about finding people who play that would want to team up and go from there. Generally would be wise to get more then that is needed so on days where one can’t make it you have other people you can select from. =]

Why do you care so much wither you win or lose in social? Not like it hurts you any like it suppose to in ranked… Wins and loses don’t matter in Social.

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Ive played every halo since CE LANS. Grew up with xbox live and have played every halo title. Why wouldnt i care how i do?

Im competitive. I like to play for fun AND win. Noone wants to get stomped every game. Especially when you’re good at it lol.


I play often well enough to contribute to the team ( taking things too seriously just tires me out, and often frustrates me if I don’t do well ). I can still play to win, but win or loss I don’t let it get to me. I guess it’s a train of though, but it makes it does make it easier to take loses when you think like I do it. I never care even if I lose 10 or 15 matches in a row, more so if I know I had a positive impact for my team even if we did end up losing.

There’s a lot of factors just not in your control, which is why probably why I generally don’t take losses personally.

I’ve felt this way though ever since I got into Quake online, back in the mid 90’s.

Thats the thing…i dont take it too seriously but I’ve lost 10 in a row…every night lol.

Thats my point

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I don’t know what to tell you if you’re losing in casual.
If youre an onyx player and not just carrying every game then I dunno

This is me to a T. I love Halo and try hard, but solo Que for ranked as a Diamond 5/6 is a waste of time because of my teammates. This ranking system is frustrating.

I can’t tell what the problem is without looking into your gamertag on TRN.

I anticipate it is one of two things:

1/ you predominantly play ranked and therefore your efficiency with a BR over AR/Pistol is significantly superior. As such, you find it hard to do as well due to the sloppiness of the new weapon combo, hate the pistol yet switch straight to it when you spawn in social. If this is the case keep plying and try to get used to the AR - it is much better than the pistol in most cases due to the larger clip

2/ you play ranked when your friends are online and you are the highest rank of the group. This means you’re constantly paired with people lower than your rank and therefore have an easier time in ranked. When your friends aren’t around you play social, which has a much easier time putting you in a team closer to your MMR. Therefore you’re over ranked and only seem to notice when solo queueing.

As I said - would need to look closer at your stats. Do any of these ring true?

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Its not the outcome of a solo game that bothers.
(Unless challenges)
It’s how un fun the experience can be.

You can’t even have a good feeling game against a coordinated team.
Top player on the losing team, or top in lobby.

Still lose, like your input had no effect.

Sometimes your not placed against a team.
But instead its a highly unbalanced lobby.


Exactly this! It makes the game just not fun to play.

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I find Infinite to be quite good with matchmaking in casual (bar BTB). I get wins and losses. I don’t play ranked at all, and stopped playing bootcamp because of how it skews CSR.

It’s bound to be a bell curve thing, with matchmaking prioritising experience for the average player. Outliers in onyx might have trouble.

Hard to carry an entire team when youre facing an entire team of individuals who could carry as well lol. 4 carriers vs 1 carrier…how do u think that stacks up??

You dont think i try to hard carry 3 other people lol?

This is exactly what I meant. Thank you!