Impossible to pre load or download the H5 beta...

I tried both ways to go on the store page and I can’t download anything.
The spiral on the black download screen seems to be loading, loading and loading but nothing happens.
I contacted the Microsoft Support and they said, after 40 mins of call, that I needed beta codes. From what I read on the internet, Beta codes were used last week for the Beta Preview but not when you bought the Halo MCC, right?
Am I the only one?
Thanks in advance,

Load up Halowaypoint start watching an episode of Nightfall when the video loads up press “X” go into rewards and click on Halo 5 Beta, that worked for me, also make sure you’re signed into XBox Live on your account on the top left while you’re in the store page. That is how I did it and downloading the game right now :slight_smile:

I already done that 4 times, I made so many research on the internet…
The download just don’t want to start…

I went on to master chief collections extras, then halo 5 beta. it launched halowaypoint which launched the xbox store and I started beta download.

Working now,