Impossible to Defend Cores

Now before I get a rush of people saying they’ve defended the forerunner cores in WZF, good for you - I’ve done it occasionally also. More often than not, I fail, but only in regards to the forerunner cores on Urban and Skirmish - and I’ll have the ‘two forerunner cores’ on Urban be exempt from this tirade, as that’s more than doable.

There are 3 problems:

  1. (Urban) The cores are positioned front and centre! Right in the bloody open for everyone to gawk at. Without vehicles, it’s a damn near impossible to defend.
  2. (Skirmish) So far I’ve only noticed this on Skirmish, but it might apply to all maps. We can damage our own bloody cores! When you have those two cores (or batteries, same -Yoinking!- thing, really) contained in such a small area, they’re bound to lap up some splash damage! It’s already hard enough with packs of them gathered around the cores like -Yoink- bonfires, but then to have your own splash damage count against you? Egregious!
  3. (Both) The prometheans are like bloody Japs in Pearl Harbor! They just throw themselves at the core and shoot with huge indifference to you shooting their backs. Ridiculous! It doesn’t help that they’re bullet sponges either. This is just -Yoinking!- cheap.


Three words… Escape From Arc
Defending the core is just ridiculous. Especially, when you don’t know what the round 2 Objective is since they change every single time.
Urban is also difficult since you’re in an open space with everything shooting at you with almost no cover.