Important Twitch Drop PSA: Don’t Mute


Muting the stream directly can absolutely hinder your ability to acquire the HCS drop.

If you must turn it down, make sure the speaker icon looks similar to this :speaker: and not this :mute:

That is all


I’ve always muted every stream with drops enabled and it worked out pretty well so far. :man_shrugging:

The stream or the tab?

Muting the stream is known to cause issues with drops regardless of anecdotal experience.

I muted the tab and it worked fine.

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Alternatively, you can move the volume slider all the way to near-mute. You might still hear some sound, it shouldn’t be much.
If you’re on PC, you can also watch it on another browser and just mute the browser in the volume mixer. IIRC, Firefox is the only browser that allows individual tab muting, while Chrome mutes all tabs of the same website.

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Tab is different from the stream, but I’m not promoting that method

Exactly: muting stream drops you from the viewer count; muting tab does not.


I muted the stream and I got the drop no problem

The actual stream? Or the tab? Or the window?

Regardless of the anecdotal outcome, it’s widely advertised by streamers and alluded to in Twitch’s official FAQ that muting the streams themselves directly can impact your ability to attain drops.

I’m merely throwing out a helpful tip because of the inevitable flood of “I watched all weekend, I didn’t get my drop” posts.

I turned my phone volume down to zero and it didn’t seem to make progress. Although I was watching a different stream on my laptop as well so perhaps that messed it up, I’m not sure.

Twitch is weird man.

It does have algorithms in place that disallow watching for multiple drops across streams.

The Rust drops only allow progress to be made one stream/item at a time for example. It’s probably best to have a single stream running per account on a PC/Laptop if you are able.

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Wierd it worked fine for me did they change that recently?

Muting? I’ve been personally avoiding it since I lost out on a few hours worth of Overwatch League drops a few years back.

It’s been in place for a while as far as I know. But Twitch is also really finicky so my advice might not actually effect everyone.

Thats not true. I ALWAYS mute and get my drops everytime and not only from Halo.

That’s great, I’m glad this is the case for you.

But it is widely known that muting does cause issues with drops for viewers. So I’m trying to do my part given my experiences to help inform those who might benefit from this info.

But you do what works for you.

Widely known? Prove it. Show your sources if you tell people things.

Ah btw - official twitch account:


There’s no need to. But it has caused issues for Overwatch drops as well as Rust drops in my own experience within those communities, losing out on OWL tokens/OW sprays as well as Rust items in my own experience. It has also caused issues with Warframe and R6S drops from a quick search.

You’re turning a post that’s offering advice (that had other alternative solutions within the replies) to reduce potential unwanted outcomes into a point of contention for some reason.

Take the risk and mute if you choose. I’m simply suggesting you shouldn’t. You don’t have to take my suggestion, nobody is forcing you to. But I’m merely offering a way to reduce potential variables that would prevent some players from acquiring cosmetics they’re after.

That should be in response to someone else, I never made this claim.

Also shameless plug to help you post links, because I’m helpful like that:

For me it was the mute button on the stream, much like muting a YouTube video. I rarely use twitch so this is still good information to have.

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