important things to know in a halo game

I’m not the best halo player ever. far from it… …but I am pretty damn good at it. I didn’t start off playing halo 4 much. I didn’t play reach at all (are there still people in the lobby, I hear it is one of the best halos. of course, all the halos have their own fan club, except maybe odst) I’ve come back after the major overhaul and it’s a completely different and much better game. it’s a halo game again. it feels good. so, while there are many players out there that are better than I, I’ve noticed a ton of rookie mistakes being made since coming back to the game and thought i’d give a bit of insight from my decade of halo gaming.

  1. Learn the maps that your favorite playlists employ.
    I really can’t stress to you enough just how important this is. (not as important as earlier halos where your only access to weapons was found on the map without lovely little markers letting you know where they are) the more routes you can take, the more shortcuts you can find, the more knowledge you have of vehicle placement and respawn timers for those vehicles, the more you can pinpoint where you are exactly the second you spawn, the better. you never want to be wandering a map aimlessly. a great way to learn the maps is creating a custom game for yourself and traversing the map. find those places you can only get to by jetpack. find those places you need to crouch jump.

  2. Understand the weapons in halo.
    There really is no such thing as a useless weapon in halo; it’s more that there’s useless situations for those weapons. i.e. I like to use the br. it’s been there for me since halo 2 and once you understand it, it can be stupid, almost to the point of a power weapon in the right hand. but when it comes to confined spaces, the AR or storm rifle can be great choices to drop the shields quickly and melee the crap out of a cocky br/dmr user who stumbled into your effective range.
    It’s more than just knowing when to use them, though; it’s knowing what their capabilities are. even if you don’t like using the precision weapons or hate automatic weapons, you need to know how fast they can kill, how many they can kill per clip, how many they can kill with full ammo, and at what point they can kill you with a melee, etc. play the campaign. play custom games with friends to learn them. both can really help you get a feel for the capabilities for a weapon and you can often find videos of people that have found tips and tricks for all the weapons in the game. I would go into it here, but my god, I could write a dissertation on the battle rifle alone at this point in my halo career. if you would like me to go into effective ranges (suggested anyways) and all the info I mentioned above, just let me know and i’ll be glad to put it together and post it. but just understand that the majority of the deaths you get are likely from being outnumbered (even though being outnumbered doesn’t equal death) or because you weren’t playing to your weapons strengths… you were playing to your assailant’s weapon’s strength. mainly, when you are using a short range weapon in opens spaces, switch to a long range alternate or stop crying about how unbalanced the weapons are.

  3. Master the vehicles… …just not in a match.
    yes, the vehicles can make or break your team in a match, but the only time you should be getting into a vehicle you are terrible in, is to keep an enemy closing in on it from getting it first. there is nothing worse than knowing you can get at least 15 kills with a vehicle then watching someone beat you to it by a step and get blown up 10 seconds later. SET UP CUSTOM GAMES TO LEARN THE INS AND OUTS, DON’T WASTE A VALUABLE TEAM RESOURCE IN MATCHMAKING… …-Yoink!- PEOPLE!
    A major part of that mastery is understanding that while in a vehicle you shouldn’t lose a 1v1 with someone on foot, but you’re most certainly not invincible. play with your team nearby. provide support for them and they’ll do the same. a ghost and warthog or a ghost and a mantis working in tandem with a few foot soldiers can be devastating. know your surroundings and never be too far from cover. there are a lot of weapons designed to counter vehicles, more than ever before, I believe, so careful gameplay with vehicles is the difference between a killing spree and being unfrigginbelievable.

  4. Pay attention to your radar (in game modes that use them)
    I can’t even believe I have to mention this, but I really have no other way to explain some of the horrible decisions I’ve seen in this game other than they had no clue what that circle with dots is. and while at first I hated the elevation cues (earlier halos, you actually had to know the map to know where you enemy was based on that dot, now the game feeds it to you), but it does speed up the gameplay as opposed to as soon as an enemy dot comes up, everybody just stopping…

  5. Have at least one battle buddy, better yet, work as a team all together

this doesn’t go for everybody. but for most and even for the great players who are just "having one of those games’ the added benefit of a partners firepower can dramatically increase the chance for a positive outcome in an engagement. while there are players who excel on their own and can still be surprisingly effective for their team as lone wolves, it really is the exception and not the rule. mic up, call out enemy positions and enemy power weapon users. call out objectives, call out the assist on the enemy that just dropped you. a team of mediocre players who work amazing as a team will always win against a team of amazing players who are a mediocre team.

  1. two things because this will be my last one for now. i’m tired of typing. but will reserve the next space for my continuation.
    a. grenades: these are staples in halo. being without a grenade is like being naked. it’s not just a great way to finish kills on those who hide behind cover, but it’s one of your best defensive tools. always keep grenades on hand.
    b. latency: you just need to realize that it’s there, and it does make a difference. no, they aren’t cheating, you just aren’t hitting your target like you think you are and they are either the host, or closer to the host than you are. it sucks, but adjusting to a more cunning and defensive strategy will keep you a productive member of the match. you should know within the first minute how you stack up in game, but just know latency does, or at least should, affect the way you tackle the game if you want to succeed.

thanks for reading. feel free to drop any of your tips or gripes as you go. anything you would like me to expand my explanations of just let me know. this is meant to be more of a “look in this direction” over a holding the hand, because we’ve all gotta have our trial under dmr/br fire.

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I know most of these, I guess that’s a good thing, lol, one strategy I like to use on ragnarok which a lot of people use is to use the grav lift to fly to the middle when carrying the flag in ctf. But I add a little twist, when I die on the hill (which I usually do lol) Then I use the grav lift at my teams side and jet pack while using it to land directly on the flag and bring it back for a cap. :slight_smile:

that’s a cool idea. i’m a clone user myself. one of my favorite quirks with it is when I know it’s only one person in an area I need to advance, I kick it out and run with it. run slightly behind and the people will either run away, thinking they are being aggressed by two players, or attack the clone wasting precious time and ammo. that clone has so many crazy uses, it amazes me how effective it still is.

here’s a tip. there is no power up that lets you become invisible when attacked; stop firing when you see the transparency! I can’t tell you how many times people have wasted entire clips and then tried to melee my clone. mind blowing, really.

Yeah, that one’s real useful too, my favorite part is when I completely destroy someone, aim your reticle at the head and click the hologram button, the hologram teabags the dead body. :smiley: so funny!!

i disagree with 3 points the first being 1, you dont have to learn the maps anymore there are icons on the hud to tell you where power weapons are. 2 i disagree with number 3 vehicles are paper they blow up from dmr shots, and i also disagree with 5 teamwork isnt existant in h4 because everything is based on points you get rather than kills, numerous times someone has hid while i tried to get the flag and not help just so i can die and they cap it.

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sorry to tell you, you’re terrible in vehicles. and me going 31-0 in a mantis in no paper vehicle. just because you suck at it, doesn’t mean they suck. you’re the guy i’m talking about. leave the vehicles to those who can get the kills you can’t.

yes, you do need to know the maps. remember sniper tower on lockout? remember the back way in from up high? well, not everybody does. I use it constantly to rape the unsuspecting, maybe you should learn the maps and see just how many people you get the drop on.

as for 5, sorry you get stuck with -Yoink- players. I PuG a lot too. if you don’t like the results you get from a pick up group, go play with friends. your experience with teams will surely get better.