IMPORTANT! Please add an option to change the upgrade keybind in LSS

343, I and many others play on controller, and the option to upgrade our loadout in Last Spartan Standing is to “Hold X” (or whatever your interact/reload button is. The problem with this is that sometimes player don’t want to upgrade to a certain tier (In my case, Disruptor/Mangler) and want to bank their points until they get to something better. This mean we can’t interact with XP Orbs or swap equipment (say, Thrusters for Overshields) without upgrading.

I propose that the “Upgrade” command be switched to the “Right D-Pad” Button (aka "Swap Equipment for Campaign) since it is currently not in use for multiplayer.

The top d-pad button is also an option since we can’t mark items and locations. Although that could change if a team-base LSS mode is ever added.

I think it’s deliberate that it’s the same botton, since they would mean that your choice of not upgrading (what could be a tactical advantage) has the consequence of not being able to switch grenades or equipment.

Don’t forget that traditionally you couldn’t choose when to upgrade, so to make this a choice they made it also have a consequence.


That’s certainly one way to look at it.