Important Noodle Weapon

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Not sure if I posted in the right place but hear me out here. We have a golf club as a weapon in forge after all, but what about a weapon beyond that. A simple yet effective Pool Noodle with physics.

Just imagine the hilarious game modes people could do with such a weapon, and if firefight returns just imagine the fear that courses through you as a grunt rushes you and your team down while dual wielding them with the noodles flopping all over the place. And if dual wielding does come back give it dual wielding possibilities or a forge editor that allows weapons to have that as an option. Purely as a joke weapon nothing you’d find in a real match or campaign, unless it was introduced as a skull or even an April fools slayer mode.
Not only does Halo need this weapon, but all games deserve it.

This is not a troll I actually wanna see this as a forge/joke weapon, even if it does little to no damage.

This sounds amazing. I want to dual wield pool noodles. I want to see enemies in firefight with nothing but variations of pool noodles. I can see there being three for enemies, a basic noodle that grunts can dual wield like they do the grenades, an energy noodle that is like a floppy energy sword and a splash noodle that is like a gravity hammer. I WANT IT. I like the skull idea and it has so much potential. I could see a gmod style guess who game where the hunters are Spartans and have real weapons and those that are hiding are grunts, brutes or any other enemy in the game with just a pool noodle. Halo all the things… Noodle all the lifeforms.

Incredible. You sold me with the image of a group of grunts rushing me with flailing noodles. This must happen.