IMPORTANT- Halo 5 weapons!!!

With every Halo game, we always want to know the same thing: what vehicles/weapons will be in the game. Will it have our favorites? Will something we love be removed? With every game, people get upset because a weapon was removed or changed. What I propose is simple, yet could be a big task: all weapons/vehicles from pervious games are included. And I mean all.

Now, I’m not saying they all have to (or should) be in multiplayer. I’m simply saying that it would be great to not be missing anything. This gives US, the players and the 343i staff immense ways to change up the game. On maps we create or on multiplayer maps, you wouldn’t be using the same weapons anymore over and over again. Forgers and 343i map makers would be able to do so much more! Imagine jumping out of a hornet in big team slayer with a DMR and flame grenades! Also, let me make it clear to say that I also want new weapons as well, but with all the old ones! Another thing that could be considered is dual wielding.

ALL weapons should be in the game as an option for forgers and in the campaign/multilayer. I’m only mentioning things you may have forgotten about or stuff I thought was worthy to mention. Weapons that appear in all games consistently would have their own Halo 5 version and don’t need to be brought back as they are in every game (AR, BR, sword, shotty, plasma pistol, etc.).
TO CLARIFY: what I mean is that we don’t need each BR from each game. What I’m saying is to have every type of weapon. So in the new Halo game, it would have its own BR, DMR, sniper, etc. Guns that are unique in that they are only found in 1 halo game would be BASED off of that game and redone to fit Halo 5.


  • focus rifle (I know it’s not that useful, but people should have to option to use it in their maps.)
  • BOTH color plasma rifles (blue/elites and red/brutes)
  • include all forerunner weapons from H4 if prometheans are still in new Halo. ALSO: nerf/fix/remove the boltshot AKA pocket shotgun!
  • the needle rifle from Reach was pretty legit
  • include the SMG and SSMG (silenced/ODST) that thing was boss!
  • same with ODST/H2 silenced pistol. I love that thing! But of course have the generic Halo 5’s own magnum
  • I know bruteshots and concussion rifles serve same purpose, but include them both, as I said everything
  • Maulers!!
  • Grenade launchers from reach are awesome, and are very effective against vehicles if you can use it right
  • flamethrower! >:}
  • sentinel beam


  • Bring back all types (spikers and flames)
  • fix/revamp pulse grenades (literally no one uses them?)

I can’t say it enough: bring them all back!!!

  • both hornets/falcons (we didn’t have a single UNSC flying vehicle in Halo 4!! WTF)
  • make pelicans/phantoms forgeable/driveable
  • Remember revenants from Reach? Yeah, the mini wraiths! Those things were cool!
  • a passenger variant of the warthog (not turrets) and backseat can hold 4?
  • forgeable and driveable Mammoth! (Remember, from sandtrap? They were awesome!)

I know I left most out guys. But that was to get you guys thinking of all the stuff you missed. The main reason or challenge from this is having to recreate these for the new Halo. I know this would be extra time and effort, but it would pay off BIG TIME. And I know the community would greatly appreciate it. Not only would it spice things up and keep the multiplayer from going stagnant, but give forgers and mapmakers the opportunity to do so much more for all of us! Thank all for reading and PLEASE help keep this thread alive so 343 can see it. Remember an old weapon/vehicle you loved? Comment and share!

Thanks again.

By all weapons do you mean

H2 BR, H3 BR, H4 BR, Reach DMR, H4 DMR, etc


AR, BR, Carbine, SMG, etc ?

> By all weapons do you mean
> H2 BR, H3 BR, H4 BR, Reach DMR, H4 DMR, etc
> or
> AR, BR, Carbine, SMG, etc ?

I would hope he meant the latter rather than the former.

> > By all weapons do you mean
> >
> > H2 BR, H3 BR, H4 BR, Reach DMR, H4 DMR, etc
> >
> > or
> >
> > AR, BR, Carbine, SMG, etc ?
> I would hope he meant the latter rather than the former.

So many choices!

I can’t say what I like better: the two BR’s that look exactly the same, or the highly unique DMRs. I mean one has bloom and the other has no bloom!

But with all seriousness, I don’t think that trying to fit in every single thing from every single game in just one game will be very realistic. Instead of making a box-set and cram everything inside, we should take the most favored objects and add new ones and call it a day.

Maybe I should clarify. I mean only have 1 type of each weapon in the game. The BR will be a halo 5 BR, not each BR from each game.

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I agree to a certain degree… as long as the sand box shooter is not cluttered with masses of pointless weaponry, that merely takes up disc memory… then it should, in theory, work… whether 343 Industries implements this is entirely another story.

Later, I will post a list of the current (canonically, chronologically) known variants of weapons we have seen… so that it’s model, or perhaps an updated one, could be seen in Halo 5. I will include in the list:

  • designation codes of the actual weapon name… ie M395 [DMR].
  • field name… ie Designated Marksmen Rifle.
  • faction… ie UNSC
  • type of weapon… ie Precision Weapon.
  • a small description… ie “The M395 DMR is a gas-operated, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired marksman’s rifle that is equipped with a smart-linked, telescopic, rail-mounted sight for scout personnel. This rifle favors mid- to long-ranged combat, offering impressive stopping power over a long distance.” ~ Extract from Halo Nation.

Thanks! That would be greatly appreciated. Even if they waited and did this until Halo 5, I think it would create on of the best Halo games to date. Players want this level of customization…

Sounds like the sandbox would get really redundant really fast. If that issue can be avoided though, sure. Why not?

> Sounds like the sandbox would get really redundant really fast. If that issue can be avoided though, sure. Why not?

People will always argue that the Plasma Repeater (Halo: Reach) and Storm Rifle (Halo 4) are too similar in function and so would be redundant to have two models… as the OP states the idea should be for forging and perhaps story based events… to better distinguish are Spartan/Elite to fit our personalities… I bet you’d say what can different weapons tell anyone about a players personality? Well the Storm Rifle could represent post Human-Covenant War and the Covenant Remnants, to which could say your a Rebel… or insurrectionist sympathizer (Insurrectionist or the Storm Covenant); or perhaps you choose the Plasma Repeater which could say you might agree to the Post Human-Covenant War cease-fire and the Arbiter… its the small things that give a story depth and believability.

No, it wouldn’t. That’s the point. With all of the weapons you’d have to choose from, you’d always have a new or different weapon you haven’t used in awhile to choose from.

As long as the weapons that are reskins are changed to be in they’re own niche.

I think this is an awesome idea, but it would be AMAZING to see ANY of the vehicles introduced in Halo Wars see some type of video game screen time like they did in Spartan Assault.