Importance of Spectator mode....

Now, we’ve had the same old competitive players/view of the game that always ends up in petty arguments between those of conflicting opinions.

As a competitive player, I do feel I can say that the large majority of the competitive community are “worried” (not angry, we owe 343 at least more time to showcase how all these gameplay mechanics fit together). However, I do feel that the competitive community has more hard work to make a game that is not only competitively viable, but is good to watch and spectator friendly.

What does give the competitive community a great chance of being successfull though, is spectator mode. (I know we’ve had a spectator poll before, but Id like to approach the matter from a different angle).

How much does Spectator mode need to be in the game? Would a lack of it ruin Halos chances of being picked up by MLG or IPL? The cost of running a Halo production is far higher than any competitve title, which doesnt even give Halo a look in. can hardly make any content at the moment without it.

Not just that, but the people creating content on Youtube, live streams, Machinima. Just how important is Spectator for the longtevity of the game? What other reasons/uses do we have for Spectator mode that I cant think of?