Implement "Double XP Weekend" Equivalent

Before you rustle your jimmies I’m not sure if Halo 4’s multiplayer is going to be XP or cR (probably cR) but either or I suggest a Weekend event similar to Halo 3’s double XP weekend that gives players even more incentive to play the game (along with spartan ops, etc).

Opinions? Thoughts?

I really hope they do this. It’s more fun than just buying Doritos and Mountain Dew to get Double XP. (BTW, Halo 4 is gonna use XP not cR.)

It needs to happen, Super Jackpot Weekends sucked completely because you could play 1,000 games and not get it, while another person could get it in one game, it sucked.

The Doritos & Mountain Dew rubbish sucks as well because it is exclusive to TWO PLACES in the entire world, while Double EXP weekends were available to all players on Xbox LIVE.

Yes, I want a double XP weekend so that I may be able to stack my Dew and Doritos 2XP with the double XP weekend that way we all win!

I loved double XP weekends!

Few things:
Maybe make it only one day during the weekend though, don’t want to unlock things too fast (Halo 3 was just rank, it didn’t give you credits).

If there is going to be a ranked system though, I’d want a full weekend to get double points toward my competitive rank.