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Hello I am President Tritus of the Imperial Spartan Republic, we are a military and political based clan, when politics fail military action prevails. The military Side to us take care of things when diplomatic processes such as, discussion to avoid a war for example, go south, the military put the opposer back in their place to say the least;) The political side to us is pretty much the admin and control unit of the whole clan, It is our government and we are lead by an awesome President (me). These great people take care of the website and many other divisions in the clan and pretty much make the big decisions and the whole show run. Just like our world today as we know it. But Don’t worry these political people also have a fighting side to them aswell, so don’t think your missing any action if you go that way. We have a different emblem for each section for e.g.: The army will have a different emblem to the air force. Here are some extra details on the clan below:


In the ISR we have many military divisions which you may may choose to join to your own personal pursuit, these are:

Armed Forces
Air Force
O.D.S.S(Orbital Drop Shock Spartans)

The armed forces,navy,air force and marines all work together on missions or clan battles etc Although the O.D.S.S does not. The O.D.S.S are our special forces and are extremely full on! theses guys don’t accept second place, they are the elite of the elite! More info on our site about these divisions in our forum section: ISR


We have a government, in this government has 4 main Divisions and are as stated below:

Dept. of State
Dept. of Operations
Dept. of Foreign Affairs
Dept. of Defence

By looking at the names of these Divisions i think you can work out what they are all about, if not there is more info on our website. We have a president and soon to be a Prime Minister which will be monthly elections so its pretty much like the US government system except added Prime Minister for more foreign clan dealings.


We have in our clan engineers ( Forgers) these talented people create our HQs, game night maps and more. They are awesome and any one can be one, if you want to be an engineer and not any military section or government, we only ask that you join the Armed Forces as a Private First Class, thats only if you aren’t chasing military. Although if you are chasing both you can be apart of any military/government division as well as being a engineer.

I am pretty sure you guys already have a thread on this clan.

Might want to try and stick to just one thread to promote and recruit for your clan.

I am amazing at close/mid-range. I am also interested in youre clan.

> I am pretty sure you guys already have a thread on this clan.
> Might want to try and stick to just one thread to promote and recruit for your clan.

We could not find the original topic, and were unsure what to do.
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clan website link is

If you are having problems with the website above, as some people were having problems with it, please PM me on XBL or below!

Major General andy2608
Imperial Spartan Republic/Armed Forces

Please don’t create multiple recruiting threads.