Imperial Remnant

Hey people.

I’m part of the Imperial Remnant clan and we’re currently looking for members. At the moment we have a roster of about 15-20 people.

The clan takes a lot of inspiration from Star Wars in terms of our ranking structure. We have medals which are given to players for their actions on our website. We host game nights and matches with other clans as much as we can and we also have our own Game Battles team.
I’ll note that we are a military based clan but we only require you to be deadly serious when it’s important, if we were battling another clan or in a Game Battles match for example.

There’s currently four legions as we call them and I will list them below:

  • 62nd Planetkillers
  • 86th Honorary
  • 98th Royal Maces
  • 48th Commando

We are a great bunch of people and we’d be even better with your help. Why not check us out if you’re interested in joining a clan.

There’s a lot more I could talk about, but you’ll prefer checking out our site.

Here’s our website which we’re all currently in the process of moving to:

PS: If you like the look of the clan, simply create an account on our website and fill in a short form. If you want to ask any questions first, simply reply or message me on here.


Clan leader checking in here, we’re definitely an awesome group of people. I encourage anybody interested in having a unique and kick–Yoink- Halo experience to go sign themselves up.