IMO on Halo 4 (which i will prolly burn for)

I absolutely LOVED the campaign. Totally amazing, totally blown away by the whole thing. The graphics were amazing, the story was compelling, the fights were brutal, I just loved it.

However, compared to Reach, Halo 4 was much easier on legendary, and there wasn’t a boss fight at the end like I was hoping. But I brushed it off, and moved on to the multiplayer. The campaign was too awesome to get hung up on something small like that.

Once I got to the multiplayer, I picked my Spartan, the female. I pre-ordered the limited edition so I redeemed my code for my skin for the battle rifle and I started to pick out my colors for my Spartan when I noticed something. I did a 360 on her, looking closely at the details when I noticed she didn’t look female at all, just a really skinny DUDE! No curves, no ta-tas, no booty. Sigh. Well we can’t get everything we want, right? Remember, the campaign was awesome. Ok, time to play the multiplayer!

Hmmm… These menu setups look familiar… what would you call it? An interface? I can join people mid-game? I can’t see what’s going on though… I have no idea what game I’m about to join when I join up with a friend… Loadouts? Ordnance drops? This is just like a game that I hate. Sigh.

Well, at least the campaign was epic.

+1 inb4 halo zealots rip your post

I had the lulz… valid opinion