IMO, all the game needs is a real progression system

Don’t get me wrong, there are other smaller things the game definitely needs like an overhaul to playlists and allowing for more specific mode selection among other things, but for me personally, the main thing that the game needs now is a real, proper progression system. I know this has been discussed countless times but I want to put my thoughts into the basket, respectfully. I am absolutely loving the gameplay, I had a session 2 nights ago and it was so much fun, the most fun I’ve had in any multiplayer game in years. So on a gameplay front and mechanics standpoint, Infinite is a winner, no doubt.

The only thing for me that is a huge disappointment is the lack of an aforementioned progression system. In multiplayer games, I’ve always enjoyed leveling up. The feeling that your actions contribute to something regardless of winning or losing. A good progression system can be that ‘hook’ for many people, look no further than MW2 for direct proof.

Basically, we need a progression system that is both fun and made for the LONG haul. Since this is now THE Halo experience for many years to come, a progression system needs to be designed with that in mind. I am talking tons of levels, maybe a prestige-like system, perhaps a boatload of in game challenges like progress based things for XP as well. Things like this can be the oh so sweet icing on the cake. This can tie into BP progression as well, much like MCC. You can have leveling up be part of the BP. You are stilling making money because the BP has to be bought anyways and since it never expires, there is no need to make progressing through it such a grind as it currently is. If you tie it into leveling up, boom, that makes it much more enjoyable and engaging. Plus you can have medals get you additional points, like in COD again. Anything like this can do wonders.

Again I know this is an already discussed topic by many people but truly the lack of a leveling system is the one huge blunder that bothers me with Infinite. I just don’t understand why it wasn’t considered. Hopefully 343 does consider it soon because I do think this is an essential part of a multiplayer FPS.

There is a lot of things the game needs and some the game would simply benefit from, but a better progression system is definitely a necessity. The way it currently goes, going up levels is tedious, time consuming, and overall, unrewarding. The pay to look better system needs to go, a serious overhaul needs to be done.


I do agree with that for sure. BP progression is insanely slow and tedious. If 343 can overhaul this and put in player levels alongside that, I doubt I would play any other multiplayer title, especially with 2042 being all sorts of disappointing. There’s something about leveling up in games like this that I love. Could just be that feeling of seeing any kind of progress as I play. Also makes for memory markers for me.


I did see a post on twitter that the progression system is on 343’s top priority atm so at least that will hopefully get fixed soon. The monetization scheme needs to be looked at pretty heavily as well but I’d much rather them focus on progression first.

I pretty much agree for the most part. While I do think there’s some needed gameplay tuning like (imo) nerfing the Gravity Hammer’s range a little bit, there’s no doubt that the game’s biggest flaw is the current progression system and current state of the customization system

Here’s what I wish they would do: there should be a normal EXP-based leveling system like we’ve had for years, and all the Mk VII armor core armors should be the “default” armor in the game and should all be available without spending money and should be unlocked by progressing through the levels. So we’ll start out with the Cavallino set at level 1 (or its military equivalent if they ever go back to military ranks) then maybe at, say, level 5, we unlock the Aviator set, then at level 15 we get the ISR set, and so on. And along the way we still unlock things at different levels like visor colors, weapon charms and camos, armor shaders, etc. Then the battle passes and Fractures add new armor cores or maybe new Mk VII armor too but ONLY just as long as the base game has a full armory of Mk VII armors to unlock by just progressing. So this way even if we never spend a penny in the store or on a premium battle pass track, there will still be a full game’s worth of armors and armor shaders, weapon camos and charms, visor colors, helmet attachments, etc. to unlock just like in past games, and the battle passes and Fractures just add to the armory like how Memories of Reach adds all these Reach armors to the game (and the Mk VII armors in this battle pass would just be “default” armors you can unlock by just leveling up in the normal level system). This would also make the battle passes better because there would be more “new” content in them, like this one could have more Reach armors to unlock since the Mk VII armors would already be available in the game’s regular progression system

I think this system would be perfect and exactly what most of us wanted all along, especially if there’s plenty of variety and stuff to unlock for the Mk VII armor core. If a system like this gets implemented or at least something close to it, we will definitely have one of the best Halo multiplayers in our hands. We already have great gameplay, we just need great progression and customization systems to go along with it

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I have heard about this, but is 343 talking about implementing a real progression system or are they just talking about adjusting the battle pass stuff? I really, REALLY hope it is the former because I personally do not care much about battle pass stuff, so that means I have no progression in this game at all to work towards and it is seriously bumming me out. I will never understand why they would leave out something so basic yet so essential to modern multiplayer experiences. I sincerely hope they can figure this out.

Excellent post and I agree with all of it. It would give us levels to work towards and a steady stream of unlocks alongside it. What I would want most is it being designed for the mega long haul, with tons upon tons of levels and a prestige like system if need be. Hell, even Forza Horizon 5 has a good leveling system with a prestige equivalent. A car racing game somehow has solid progression while Halo Infinite has basically nothing. It confuses me to no end. If they can get this leveling system going and nail it, no other multiplayer game will compete with Infinite, in my opinion.

For adjusting the progression in the near future they are talking about the BP progression as far as I know but they did say after the 2nd flight that they are going to implement a global ranking system but it may not be for a bit after launch the last I’ve heard anything

That still seems vague, but hopefully that means a leveling thingy is in the works. Also hoping that it won’t take too long to achieve, not for my own sake but for the game’s sake.

“A real progression system” that has no meaningful impact on the game whatsoever. You don’t get anything for making the funny number go up. I don’t see why people want this so bad.

You and like everyone else buddy.

It’s an horse that’s been beaten to death on par with Skyrim rereleases.

If we go by your logic, then there’s no reason not to include that either. Some of us just like that feeling of progressing towards something, anything. We already have a terrible version of that with the Battle Pass, so we should at least get a decent version for the rest of us. There’s no excuse for this game to not have something that became industry standard 14 years ago. You can easily ignore it. For me, it is essential.

Gotta beat that horse until they fix the problem, is my view. Perhaps they are working on doing that exact thing as we speak, but I haven’t seen any definitive answers yet, or I’ve missed something.

I’m quite amazed that apparently having a reason to play the game has become a bigger issue then actually being able to play it.

No offence to you OP, great that you give a constructive approach to your opinion on priorities, but as an old fart it’s hard to understand it.

In my opinion getting the best out of the time I can put in a game is mainly made by being able to influence what I’m actually going to do (read: having more control over matchmaking) and not by getting compensated for the time I’ve spent in it (cosmetics/player level).

I could think of a few other things, like:

  • slayer playlist

  • SWAT

  • infection

  • assault

  • FFA

  • action sack

  • doubles

  • multi team

  • file browser

  • server browser

  • service record

  • more custom game settings

  • forge

  • firefight/any PvE mode

generally just stuff Reach had 11 years ago.

I understand what you mean. When I play the game, no doubt I enjoy it a lot. I guess I’m just so used to having a level system that it is near second nature to me. It is hard to describe why I like it. I’m (officially diagnosed) a-utistic (Seriously, you gonna censor that?) so maybe it is some strange obsession on my part so by all means, bigger issues must certainly be tackled first if they are present.

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Reach had a leveling system too. :stuck_out_tongue: I do agree with all of that, absolutely. More ways to play the game and more ways to decide what specifically we want to play is key. I very much want a leveling system, but my own obsession with that shouldn’t get in the way of other content. I just hope we can have both, eventually.