imaginitive ways of transportaion!

Guys for fun and to spread a few ideas for fun forge maps i wanted to see all the fun and fuunyyy forms of transportion our community can make. Could be a scorpion catapult or somehow a working soccerbalcarl or even an elevator. Cmon guys and show us what youve got.

Well already got the bridge! What else can people make.

A launch pad consisting of 20 fusion coils.

I was really hoping some one will make a teleporter rollercoaster like in Halo 3. That’s one of the best types of transportation. Another way of quick transport is going into a teleporter while holding an object and going into player mode right after you go through.

i made an acceslerator man cannon lol. Needs two sender teleporters and two recievers or more. You have to make a slant then place a recieveer at the top shhootting you down into the sender which will send u back to the reciever sending you back to th sender speeding you up untill you start flying higher and higher then eventually over it into a diffrent Senedr which will send you to the reciever from which you want the player to shoot.