Imagine this: Infinite is a live service game

As the title says:
Imagine this, if 343I actually did live service the MP story would have the sky marshal story IMPLEMENTED as a game with cutscenes in the multiplayer.

Now, Infinite just gets some garbage cutscenes and a sidestory just written digitally.
It would actually FIT the idea that Infinite is a live service game if they gave the community questions about the story and then continue the story in the multiplayer.

For example:

343I on waypoint: Blah blah blah, what do you guys choose?

Community: We want that.

343I on Infinite multiplayer: Here is a story mode like spartan ops you can play, the outcome of the story is wanted by the community, you’re welcome.

THIS would be live service.

I’m completely out of hopium of how garbage this live service is.


THIS is what real MP story is


Supposedly, since the campaign is put on hold for now, Joe and his writers are going to be pumping out more multiplayer narratives like the Lone Wolves or more Fracture events or something… judging by the things we’ve gotten so far, I expect mostly non-canon content and randomly chosen gametype-specific events that are honestly just recolored challenges.

They could have used the Wolves narrative to introduce a demo of an upcoming PvE-Firefight game mode or something where 2-4 players survive against waves of Banished on Breaker until Iratus is contained or whatever. In this demo, they could have had the players play as the “Wolves” who are introduced in the 1 minute and 30 second cutscenes and once the Firefight demo is over, you get the ending cutscenes for Lone Wolves AND we got to test out a PvE demo for 343… But no instead what did they do? The same crappy Event stuff since launch… “ohh please spartan! we need Iratus to cooperate, that means you gotta go complete more of the same challenges!” I can not believe a bunch of people sat around a table and thought that this boring Event format was the best thing they could come up with.


Seriously, what’s stopping them from doing a Spartan Ops-esque story system for multiplayer? Do they know how badass that would be?

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When they said Reach style customization and nerratove story revolving around our Spartan I was thinking Halo Reach campaign style cinamatics, with Spartan ops style missions.

What I didn’t like about the OG Spartan ops was it was about Fireteam Majestic not really our Spartan.

Because of how poorly Spartan Ops was received due to the gameplay issues and repetitive maps in the first half of the season.

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I’m not sure if Infinite’s campaign DLC being put on pause is necessarily indicative that Joe and his creative team are putting their efforts into the MP seasons.

I think Slipspace is going to be used to support Infinite’s MP for the next many years, but the writing team is probably being moved to support the next big single player Halo title, which I don’t expect to be on Slipspace.

The thing is it is a ‘live service’ game and to me that was one of the worst decisions 343i had ever made and now it’s kind of pushed me from regular player to casual Halo player and that says a lot about the game. I’m still baffled what there thinking and the campaign it made no sense so I’ve no clue what I’m expecting from future titles since it feels like a mess.

New MP Narratives and new Fracture Events are already on the road maps, and with no mention or teases of any new Campaign content, this is obviously what the campaign crew will most likely be working on in Infinite, among some other things.

Whether or not 343 is working on anything other than Infinite is mostly just player speculation. Until it is officially announced or reliable proof is leaked, there is little reason to entertain this notion.

Sounds nice in theory, but 343 isn’t going to produce multiple branches of content just to trash whatever doesn’t get picked, and we’re not going to tolerate 6+ months between updates.

Except for the sound department and some textures, I think this game is a worst case scenario in almost all categories.