Imagine if Halo Infinites Forge gets ported long-term to the Master Chief Collection and full modding support and Halo 5 is added

It would turn Halo into an unstoppable juggernaut and would be the ULTIMATE redemption arc for 343i. Infinite content across every Halo game, playable on PC and Xbox until the edge of eternity, with a neverending supply of new content, Halo would become the most replayable video game ever made with that foundation! Given the rumors of Unreal Engine 5 switch, such a possibility is no longer a pipe dream, but a VERY real possibility.

It’s a possibility, but also a possibility on how much TMCC can handle without completely breaking the entire build

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I don’t see how the rumors imply any possibility of Infinite features coming to the MCC. The MCC is a collection of many engines with UE only being used for inputs and UI. They would have to refactor the codebase for every game which sounds like a complete waste of time.

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Ok the Infinite fanbase needs to turn off the copium right now. Infinite, nor it’s features WILL NEVER be available on MCC.

MCC is a preservation game, it’s not meant to be a collection of EVERY Halo game just the ones that are last gen, guess last 2 gens now lol


It was stated that h5 won’t ever be added to mcc. While that would be cool they abandoned it. Halo infinite is next in line for the abandon ship point even though it’s 1-1/2 years old. When forge comes out I think they won’t really care to put it in mcc as they’d Have to put in a lot of stuff from the game. Aka micro transactions (after the promised not to add them into mcc), they’d need to add little armor they have, etc. plus mcc is running on an older engine and can’t really “handle” infinites assets. I mean unless they did an engine change then maybe. But there’s too little but some how also too much for them to add to mcc for its performance.

Yeah, I totally can imagine the bugs, errors and glitches that would come with this, making MCC unplayable again and 343 probably taking months or even years to fix most or all of this.

So, no thanks.


I guess we’ll take Halo Infinite and future Halo content on Unreal Engine 5! Anything with Unreal Engine 5 is awesome. But increased mod support (broader matchmaking implementation) of mods into the MCC, and Halo 5 Guardians should still happen no matter what.

People need to stop hyping up unreal to be the second coming.


Another day, another “Halo 5 in MCC” thread, even though 343 had said over, and over, and over again, that it’s not going to happen. If you want Halo 5 so badly, then buy it. It’s already on the same console.

And here’s a question I want a serious answer to: Would MCC even have enough room for H5? Content, engine, and everything else?

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halo 5 should not come to the mcc. full stop. however, it should come to pc.

we already have halo 5 on PC. It just crashes a lot.

we only have halo 5’s forge (and u think customs games?) on pc. not the campaign or matchmaking

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I feel like this is just wishful thinking for some fans…it won’t ever happen. 343i already stated that MCC is at its limit. If people want Halo 5 that badly on PC then they should be asking for the ‘complete’ game of Halo 5 instead since Halo 5 is already partly on PC.

No you don’t. You have Forge and Custom Games on PC. No matchmaking no campaign. People want the full game.

You’re not getting anything better than that honestly.

Warzone and Firefight beg to differ.

I would rather just have the simpler features from that one pre MCC PC H3 mod ported over.
One of them that would go a long way would be a button to copy the object you’re looking at and speed up the forge process.

Personally I’d rather have the ability to disable boundaries in Forge.

That would of been in the Eldewrito improvement package.
Boundary toggle, map heights, object textures, quick hotkeys, locking groups of objects together and moving them & changing the skybox. I wouldn’t mind not having it as an official thing if we had HO in the MCC files so Eldewrito could exist within the MCC space.

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