Imagine delaying co-op again

This will be first halo i don’t touch at launch and that’s pretty sad for 343
6 months… the story will be leaked so hard that I might not even end up playing it
or just wont care after that amount of time


Look, I’m with you in the camp that it should just be available day one, however, it’s not going to be. Why don’t you just give it a shot on your own and try to enjoy it for what it is.

You can’t call it a leak when the game is out. The it becomes a spoiler. I too agree it sucks it ain’t coming out with co-op, but I’m just gonna suck it up and play solo. You can’t complain if it’s down to you for not playing. It’s like getting upset for having a movie spoilt for you 6 months after it came out.

that’s not the same

it be like releasing a movie but only one person at a time can watch it

In your case it’s more you can’t watch the movie with your mates but you can seperately.

I was devastated when the announced that Co-op would be delayed (from someone who knows enough about game dev AND business I understood why the decision was made). However this is like having friends who live across the country and waiting to see a movie until they come back home for a visit, its not the games fault, nor is it the publics fault if it gets spoiled for you. Their decision to delay co-op was between delaying the feature individually or having the campaign delayed until May. And before someone says “well MTX got finished and coop didnt, 343 sucks blah blah blah” I PROMISE you 110%, that Microsoft had a different team handling MTX and they did not come from 343 but were a separate team doing what Microsoft told them to have in the game for launch.

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Do you really need someone to carry you through the missions that bad? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m actually almost glad it didn’t come out with the multiplayer, because I’m almost done with the Battle Pass, blowing through it with Rockstar and Pringles 2XP, because I’m honestly sick of the multiplayer and didn’t want to play it for another 6 months until Season 2 in May. Now I can focus entirely on exploring the open world Campaign at my own pace. I’m actually really curious how Co-op will work, if it will be like Destiny, where people can drop in and out, using their own unlocked Master Chief upgrades, or if they only have what the host unlocked, or if everyone plays as Master Chief clones. I have no idea what it will be like.

Personally, I’d like for Co-op campaign to have the option to use our Multiplayer armors, to tell each other apart, like Reach and Spartan Ops, because as much as everyone loves Chief, we can’t all be Chief like CE. I also would like to see actual Spartan Ops expansion passes in the future. Sure, it sucks you don’t get to experience the story with your friends from day 1 scratch, but you will get to help them with what you already did and learned in your play time.

For anyone out of the loop: Co-op was pushed back one month to May 2022. I’m more worried about Forge which may be even farther out now.