Imagine being able to explore the Infinity

You know what I would love to see? I would like to have a hub for Spartan Ops, if it’s even coming back, on the Infinity, like actually on the Infinity. How cool would it be to be able to walk around inside the Infinity? This would open a lot of opportunities for in-game cutscenes, hidden easter eggs, and general exploration that could satisfy a gamer’s curiosity. Just imagine, you finish watching a cutscene on the bridge of the Infinity where Commander Palmer/Captain Lasky gives a few orders, then you and your team actually venture through the Infinity to a Pelican Bay, perhaps selecting your loadout in an armory on the way. This would create REAL emersion with environment.

Another thing, remember how 343 was talking about blurring the lines of story and multiplayer? This honestly wasn’t accomplished as well as some people would have liked in Halo 4, but the idea was that war games was just a big simulator on the Infinity that basically served as practice for real combat (Spartan Ops). Picture this, there’s two modes on Halo 5. Campaign, and everything else. And that “everything else” is accessible through the Infinity. Wanna play some war games, take a little trip over to the simulator (perhaps this is where custom games/forge can be found as well). Wanna have a watch a video on theatre mode, head over to records deck. Say they include firefight, head over the specified Pelican bay. This could even be a place to meet up with friends and form parties, or just have a lot of random players there to fill the ambience of the Infinity. Picture it as the tower on Destiny, just taken to a whole new level. Even if Spartan Ops doesn’t return, this could still be pretty cool.

Let me know what you guys think. I personally feel like this would be an amazing addition to Halo 5, giving it a truly next-gen feel.

Look to my ‘becoming your Spartan’ thread, I think you will like what you see

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> Look to my ‘becoming your Spartan’ thread, I think you will like what you see

Read it, very interesting stuff. Anybody who reads this should check his post as well. Some really cool ideas on there!

Everyone else let me know what you think!

I like this to.