I'm Undermining my Team and Why Medals are the Solution

I’m writing this post in the middle of a quick match CFT game. Not only am I giving the match half my time to the match as I write, I’m actively sabotaging my team to end the game quicker.
Why? Because I’m on my final weekly, which requires me to play 15 games. Actually trying to play the game takes me more time and give me absolutely no reward.

And there in lies the issue. Unless you count mostly luck based challenges as skill, you only get rewarded for showing up. If I got even a small reward for how I played then I would play the game.
The Medal system does just that and even recognises player’s achievements via unconventional means. The only missing link is to reward EXP for medals. MCC does this fantastically and gives me a massive rush when I see my EXP bar increase with every comeback kill, assassination and double kill I earnt.
Even a small amount of EXP for medals alongside my per-match EXP would be enough to actually play the game.

I’d really like to hear other’s thought on how they would improve progression or confirm my opinion on the internet and make me feel better about myself. Also, it’ll make my opinion on the internet stand out more and potentially get seen by someone who make a difference. Thankyou.

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Totally agree. The challenge system is a mess. Where you get rewarded for sabotaging your own team, completely ignoring the objective or even trying to LOSE the game. Holy moly.

What is wrong with simply trying to play good and win the game and get XP for doing that?

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