I'm torn about playlists

On the one hand yes, we should have a much higher variety of playlists, halo is a series with decades of history and modes and it’s just the expectation for a halo game to have these modes. There also probably should be input based matchmaking across all modes and not just comp since players have been complaining about the balancing of the controller vs m&kb and server region selection as well since no one wants to play their games at a higher ping because of bad rng. That all being said if there were to add all that over the course of the game’s lifespan, it does have a series risk of segregating the player population. MCC had all of these things and has a ton of dead playlists and while infinite does have more players and a higher potential for growth, it would still have a high risk of having 5 to 10 minute que times on modes that aren’t slayer. So yeah they should add more playlists and should add more filters to matchmaking so that you have more control over the games you get into, but they also need to take careful steps to make sure you can actually get into those games at a reasonable time. I do not envy 343’s job here


I agree its tough, I know that if they add a slayer only playlist then I will just sit in that 90% of the time, as well as many other players.
I suppose they do have challenges that would incite players to queue for objective modes which would help with objective mode queue times, but I can guarantee a lot of the angry complainers would just use that to argue that 343 is “forcing them to play objective modes”.

It might be quite ambitious, but I think if they went the route of modifying their XP progression system to give players XP for their performance rather than just playing a match, they could add an XP bonus to the “objective playlist” that you wouldn’t get for playing slayer, then people who want maximum XP for their playtime would queue into objective modes more. So incentives for slayer playlist = fun and more laid back, incentives for objectives playlist could be challenges and bonus xp.

Its definitely much more of a surgical procedure to adjust the playlists and progression system than most of us will understand, as one wrong move could make most of the new halo players go “nope” and go back to cod and battlefield which is what they are probably afraid of.

Well, it seems players want a dedicated Slayer playlist, and I doubt that’s going to changed. 343 shouldn’t ask themselves how to get enough players to play objectives full stop. They should ask how to make that happen while also having a dedicated Slayer playlist. That’s not easy, I agree. Would perhaps making progression more fun and rewarding, and giving a bonus to XP for playing objective gametypes help at all? That’s just one idea I had. I don’t want to be forced to play odd ball just for a challenge, but if objective gametypes gave twice the XP I might at times choose to play them over Slayer for exactly that reason.

Also, maybe having a few objective modes that were weekly. Maybe grifball, infection, and a few others be weekly rotations in objective. So if you wanted to play them, you had to play that week? I honestly don’t know, and I wouldn’t want to be in 343s shoes. But getting rid of Slayer definitely wasn’t the answer.

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There is a balance here that they must find. The current 4 playlists certainly isn’t it, but they also can’t have like 20+ different playlists like MCC. I recently decided to play some MCC after doing all my Infinite weeklies since it felt useless playing Infinite for a mere 50 XP per match. The only MCC ranked playlist I was able to find a single match on was Halo 3, every other one that I searched on I found nothing, even spent like 5 minutes on the Halo 2 Anniversary ranked playlist and got nothing.

My personal opinion is that there should be more playlists currently while the game is new and there are a ton of players (110k peak concurrent daily on Steam, with the game at #3 most played on Xbox list). We should have plenty of options currently like Ranked and Social Slayer, Ranked and Social Objective, Ranked Halo Championship Series (the current ranked playlist with HCS ruleset), SWAT, Infection, Snipers, Fiesta, FFA, Grab Bag., Big Team Battle, and Bot Matches with choice between all 4 Bot AI tiers. Later on, once the population starts to drop, then they can start to phase out some of the deader playlists, or combine them with other playlists.

Not having enough players to fill obj. modes isn’t a problem that seems to effect games like COD and wouldn’t have been a problem for Halo had this been fully fleshed out at launched thanks to going F2P. Problem now is that because they left out these basic features they risk losing to many players before they can actually implement a fix.

TrueMatch, assuming it’s implemented, solves the search time & regional issues. Still boggles my mind that it and TrueSkill2 never got implemented into the MCC.

And there’s no excuse for why Infinite doesn’t possess a Match Composer that allows multiple mode selections across a variety of environments (Social Arena, Ranked, & BTB) simultaneously.

Just a reminder, yall. The Match Conposer for MCC was made many years into its life cycle(population issues), yet we’re getting the same reasoning before even full release of the most hyped and FREE Halo of our time. The playlist health will be just fine, I empty promise.