***I'm to play Reach for the FIRST time***

So, I only recently got an Xbox a couple months ago, and have become around average at Halo 3.

I’m wanting to get into Reach now instead, because (for one I already have the game disc) I’ve read and heard that it has better multiplayer support (you’re able to search fileshares here on Waypoint for starters).

I’ve played one game on Reach after becoming somewhat “decent” at Halo 3, and I just got totally slaughtered through the whole match; I feel like it was because I was trying to play it too much like Halo 3, and not it’s own game. But anyways, I’m online quite a bit, if anyone wants to, in a sense, “tutor” me on Halo Reach, I’d love to add you and invite you to a custom game, or have you invite me to a custom game.

Teach me the ropes, ya dig?


But please anyone who’s bored and wanting to do custom games on Reach… Add me and kind of teach me about online Reach game-play and help me transition from Halo 3.
I’ll give you lots of Props, probably at least 19, which FYI, are roughly 2.7X the value of Kudos.


Welcome to Reach. i will give you a cpouple of tips so you can avoid a few pitfalls new players are falling into.

No1: Dont quit games. To many quit games will see you put on a quit probation which results in 10 minutes bans each time you quit.
No2: Try to get at least one kill or assist per game. To many new players are having games with zero kills and the Banhammer detects it as AFK activity and gives you a temporary credit ban. As unlocking armour and ranking up is tied to credtis you dont want to be put on a ban.
No3 Stay away from game types like Swat until you become more skilled at headshots, Stay away from games like Griball as it is just full of stat padders who just want to spawn kill you to boost their commendations.
N04 play lots of Firefight to sharpen your headshot skills with the DMR. Learn to pace your shots for accuracy. Score attack is good for this as you can learn at your own pace and wont see you competing with other players for kills on the map.
No5 put your mic in and find some players who all have mics to start playing with in BTB or Team Slayer. Most of the decent players left on Reach play for fun and are more than happy to have new teammates that have a mic and want to work together. They will coach you and you can shadow the better players and watch how they play.
Send me a FR if you want.I play most nights with other Australians but dont have an issue playing with other folks whom have a decent connection to the game. gamertag x343KilledHalox

Don’t quit games!!! There is no join-in-progress so you’ll leave your teammates high and dry. Plus, it hurts your ranking.

Oh, and there’s this thing called “Armor Lock” … it’s where a Spartan gets scared and locks up into a little invincible ball for a few seconds. It’s pathetic. Don’t use it.

Just because you hate it doesn’t mean it should be used. Armor Lock can be used well when the other team is keeping a rate of 3 grenades every 3 seconds.

Seriously, it’s not for camping in for 5 seconds, it’s for pooping in and out when someone is bum-rushing you with the sword or is going crazy with grenades.

I digress. I am one of those people who have been here since almost the beginning and am just chilling out now. Just keep playing, and I guess you just get the hang of it. Sometimes just go into forge and fire the DMR at its fastest most accurate rate. Get a feel for it, and then just do it in matchmaking. Sometimes I still do they when adjusting to TU and normal game types.

Which, TU means faster closing precision bloom, shorter active camo, and useless armor lock.
Needle Rifle doesn’t technically have bloom in this gametype because it closes in before you can fire again. So fire away!

Id be up for playing with you and helping you out. I typically spend every night on Reach with a group of my friends and we run through BTB and Invasion. If you’d be up for hanging out and getting some practice in with a full team we could do that. We have 2 newish players with us as well. They tend to get around 10 kills per game. Add me if you want to.

GT: imweakusee