I'm thinking of making a Halo fan movie

I’m thinking, “It’s time for halo to get an ACTUAL movie.” No offense, 343. So I thought, “If no one else will do it, someone has to do it.” It can be live-action, machinima, whatever! If you think a Halo movie is a good idea, reply with a name, plot, the main characters, and their personalities. If anyone posts a reply that has spam in it, I will notify 343, and I know you don’t want that. If you have negative thoughts about someone’s idea, keep it to yourself. I’m open to Halo movie ideas. I will just lie in wait until their is a reply. Anyways, this is just your opinion. When someone replies, I’ll try to make that idea real.

Make title Halo:Broken Spirit. Plot: A forerunner fleet is closing in on Earth. Spartan team Alrion is one of the many first responders. Characters: Pvt. harry, Lieutenant Arken, Commander Nicholas. Pvt Harry:The funny,ironic, and jokester in the team. Arken: The strong Silent type in the group. Nicholas: The serious leader of the team. (Make it a machinima)

Got it.

Also, if you do make it a Machinima, message me on Xbox Live.