I'm thinking of getting the Halo logo

Painted on my wall. What think you waypointers? Any suggestions?

better than tattooed to your skin

> better than tattooed to your skin


Also: I would go for the simplified and more stylized version you see being used for H4 and Reach.
Simple, effective, recognizable as Halo and would fit your interior probably a lot better than one with tons of detail.

Which Halo logo?

Do you mean the logo like this?
There is also the Noble Team logo which is pretty cool.
Then you have things like:
ODST Crest
Legendary and Mythic symbol

Just all sorts of things you could use.

> better than tattooed to your skin

I have a halo tat

er… congrats?


Go for it. When I get my first home I plan on painting silhouette of Master Chief in our game room along with Mario, Sonic, SSF2T Ryu, DMC Dante and FFVII Cloud Stryfe.