I'm taking a leave of absence

I’m very sorry, Spartans. I truly am. I have a huge love of Halo. Every piece of physical fiction is in my possession. And I did enjoy the campaign of Infinite. But I understand that there are a lot of problems with it. The campaign was fun. But it left so much to be desired. And while the multiplayer is somewhat fun, that’s not why I’m into Halo. I am in it for the story. And now there’s the TV series.

Yes, I know it is its own universe. But there are political agendas being put into it. And I hate that. I enjoy Halo because it’s NOT reality. Because it’s a universe free of our world’s problems and I can be a part of this universe. But with the direction they’re going, I have to step back. I don’t want to play for a while. So I’ll wait until new campaign DLC or good books come out.

Sorry for the rant. I hope things get better.


Sucks doesn’t it. Its like they do it for spite to just to piss people off. Only thing you can do is stop buying and stop paying attention to it. I slowed down on Halo and Gears and Xbox once the travesty of virtue signaling hit its peak in 2020 and hasn’t dropped off yet. Maybe when it is dead, it will rise from the ashes like a phoenix better than ever before…

Not likely though…but after the travesty of Ghostbusters 2016 and if Ghostbusters Afterlife is any indication there is a chance.


Halo is a series about the government kidnapping, indoctrinating & experimenting on children to become soldiers to crush insurgents & rebels fighting against the united earth government …and aliens

Halo isn’t an apolitical franchise, I’m a little confused why exactly the show is what is the final straw for you?

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goodbye threads don’t really provide an impetus to meaningful discussion