I'm Sorry

Some people in the forums might have seen the topic “I’M DONE WITH HALO”. Now you might be asking if I’m the same guy and the answer is yes. I just want to say sorry because I’m probably not going to move to destiny and I know that I made some people mad by saying the game is annoying and unfair. You guys were right about trying to “Get better” and all that random mean and sometimes nice advice.

So, what I’m saying is I’m not moving to Destiny… I sticking with halo

One last thing… I can’t wait the Infinity’s Armory update!!! :smiley:

yeah !!!

forge is changing for the better…and just in time too

good to have you back soilder

Welcome back I tried to leave before myself but in the end I just keep coming back

Glad to hear it. The next few months are looking very promising. Can’t wait for Halo 2 BR… I’m a little too excited.

Just in time! This week’s update is good, but next month’s update will include gametypes and new (not remixed) maps.

How stupid.

Did this double post or something?

We don’t need exit or entrance threads. Play, don’t play. Just don’t make threads about it.