I'm sorry 343.... that I actually paid money into your game

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As the title says. I’m sorry that I paid ANY money for this game. The reason it’s 343 is because they’d be issuing refunds for the quality of this game.

The gameplay is poor and seems to be getting worse, especially with the fact that the hackers are getting more frequent and you refuse to add a report feature.

The maps are the worst of any halo. There are so few of them and they’re incredibly basic and boring.

The the melee is a joke, and the fact that there is no team collision is just sad.

Now to add on to everything else I can’t even play a game without being able to identify every fortnite kid by the absolutely terribly looking cat ears… they weren’t even done well, you can see where they literally go into the helmet. You couldn’t even do a garbage job well…

Please 343i for all that is still good about halo, step down. Give halo to a competent developer. You have had 3 chances and have failed time after time after time.Step. Down.


I bought the campaign and enjoyed it.

I used Microsoft rewards to buy the battlepass. Not spending anymore then what I paid for the campaign on it.

Poor guy, I paid a dollar for game pass and felt ripped off from that campaogn


Gamepass didn’t come out of my wallet so not too fussed about that. But still I think buying armour shouldn’t be a thing.

And if it had to be then let those who bought the campaign have full access and those who didn’t buy what ever armour they want in multiplayer.

This game has just been a monumental disappointment and then rather than it getting better, it’s getting worse and I didn’t even know it would be able to get worse


343 needs to make the game they want to make… it clearly isn’t Halo. It needs to be in the hands of another developer.