I'm sorry 343 but you f up

Sorry 343 but whit this sistem the progression is slow and the freepass is a joke ist horrible what happend to you can earn things only tru playing the game im fine whit you being able to buy levels but im not fine whit haveing to purches every battle pass every season man i hope that if you buy the campaign you get something in multyplayer but i dont think that will happen 343 please the community is beging (bye the way sorry for any miss spellings englhis is not my firts language )


It has been confirmed.

The PvP part of the game is free. They must make money from somewhere.

Is it really? All other games had MP included with the base game. What makes MP in this game so expansive that it is FTP? Serious question, because I dont see it. It seems like a way to make additional money to me.

Yes, and 343 made the wise decision to split campaign and PvP so that players like can only buy the part they want.

It totally is. Being free-to-play is great because it means that more people will try the game, but the monetization system will definitely make more money for Microsoft in the long run.

In the same boat, I wouldn’t mind having to work a bit for the progression but this is wayyyyy too slow, and when I"ll have to pay for it on top of that? I’m out.

The purpose of the beta is to see how much they can swindle, nickel-and-dime, and feed on their customers before they have to make some sort of marginal change that won’t effect anything, and if it does, it will make things worse.


I was actually excited for the multiplayer component of the game this time around. I even pre-ordered the campaign. 343 is another one of those companies that is spending a trillion dollars to make a billion dollars: the way forward is clear, but instead of a community where all players can find a place to play, they’ve opted for the toxic cesspool of cross-play.

Perhaps they’re just running a test to see how input-based matchmaking would work for social but it doesn’t make sense to put it in ranked first.