I'm so sick of bloom!

I’ve lost out on SO MANY kills from aiming right at an enemy’s head but I can’t hit them because my bullets fly off the screen somewhere. I swear, bloom doesn’t just decrease accuracy, it diminishes it.

I’m glad that Halo 4 has no bloom. I know the game will have recoil and the guns will rise slowly, but I’ve always been good at controlling this, so hopefully it won’t be a problem in Halo 4.

I’d say bloom is my least favorite part of Reach and no bloom is one of my favorite parts about Halo 4 next to instant spawning, joining macthes that have already started, Spartan Ops, and, of course, the Campaign!!!

So what is the difference between this and a blog? Absolutely nothing.

Also, instant spawning will be detrimental to core Halo gameplay.