I'm so jealous right now

All these early VIP fans ops I meant gaming journalists have Halo Infinite campaign and are playing it on YouTube. I can’t look up other games without out Green skull videos popping up with him bragging he has the game now. Green Skull you know the guy that love the fact that Halo 5 cut out split screen form the game. And is more in to the Halo MLG muteplayer than Halos story. In my opinion I think the Act Man is way more deserving as he dos this for the love he has for Halo and doesn’t play Halo like it’s just a job to make money. So is anyone else jealous to or is it just me? :laughing:

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I don’t know why you’re being jealous in The Act Man’s place, but uh… kinda?

I mean I am jealous that so many have the game already, though I’m fairly certain that with the exception of the 4 hour bit that most were allotted, if they are able to play the rest of the campaign, they shouldn’t be allowed to play it on twitch or Youtube because wouldn’t that violate some do not show thing? (I’m not sure how much of the campaign they can access at the moment).

But as far as for who got it, apparently there was like inside flight testers that were picked to test out a portion of the campaign. If they got it then great! Personally, I hate that game reporters get early access to things like that because they usually showcase boring gameplay, spoil way too much, and outright complain if the game doesn’t hold their hand every step of the way.


Your second paragraph explains why it’s so good the flights and beta for the muliplayer were public and that YouTuber Halo fans (albeit under embargo) are getting the game to review early vs. just journalists is great.

Oh yeah I have no problems with people getting it early in controlled groups to playtest it. That’s perfectly fine, but when it comes to certain game reporters they usually give it some bad wind if you catch my drift.

Oh totally. But who really trusts games journalists. They aren’t even objective often times. The fanboys on YouTube are being more honest about it.


It’s hard to have to wait for Halo Story when you see others playing it. But that just how thing in life go sometimes.