Im so happy.

I’ve been waiting for this game. I’ve been waiting for this game since the first halo wars servers dried to the point where it was no longer playable. Me and my friends played this game so much we knew every map by heart. My buddy was a arbiter main and I mained as forge. But that’s not bragging time. I would just like to say that even after a few games yesterday that it feels so much like the original but better. It looks awesome. There needs to be some changes. I would like to be able to zoom out more, the a.I. is buggy, and personally I think there should only be 1 type of resource, not 2(power and supplies) to manage. But over all as I’ve played so far, I’m really excited. I just hope there is more than 2 types of army. Unsc v covenant, maybe flood and forerunners can get leaders. Keep up the good work 343.

Good to see some positive posts, I am enjoying it quite abit too