I'm so fed up with the dirt-smeared armor coatings that make my spartan look homeless. 343 I will pay you GOOD MONEY for the deepest pure black armor coating! Shop purchaser thinking about calling it quits

For people like me, it will improve my halo multiplayer quality of life while I wait for this game to be improved because right now the gameplay is fun but because of the ranking system, social MMR debacle, horrible customization options, and spartan progression, it’s starting to outweigh the gameplay and I’m not having fun anymore. My will to continue playing this game will end up on life support soon just like the state of this game (and franchise that I love).

This is coming from someone that spent around $1,500 USD on eBay for the Adrenal Weapon coatings! I honestly only buy from the shop each week because I fear never being able to customize my spartan the way I want… It’s sad to admit but it’s the truth.

I hope that 343 and the community understand that people who dish out cash for the shop items are doing so out of fear of losing access to specific items, but most of all, they have a certain level of trust that 343 will listen to the community and fix the game so it’s enjoyable for the players (target audience). The quality of life in the multiplayer experience is declining fast and for those who haven’t left, if there aren’t official communications to build community trust then more people like me will step away and take our current and future cash injections (that keep this so-called “live service” alive) with us.

The MCC trainwreck resulted in the community being given free in-game items and a free game (Halo ODST). There are some that see it as 343 over-promising, others seeing as 343 lying to the community in order for us to buy the game and for them to line their pockets with our cash. Some say this is scam territory. I’m saying please give us anything that is already in game-like new modes or skin options to tide us over for the next 2 months of the content drought! All you have to do is implement what’s already there. The damn bots have more customization options than us! I’m half hoping season 2 will be free because this bad taste that the state of multiplayer has left in my mouth is making me think about never coming back and that’s heartbreaking because I love halo. But I’m still here, I guess there’s some hope left…

Can’t believe we sacrificed the freedom to choose our own colours for 343i to sell us 7 variants of grey.


You telling them you will pay money for color is the problem…


Iron man paint is shining ruby and illustrious gold. The cheaper/free coatings looks like they belong in a Fallout game.


I will never pay for cometics in a game. I dont care how my character looks like.