Im so excited

This game is being fixed. This great game. This is what halo is about folks. The community is coming back, I’ve recently played with kids I grew up with in h2/h3 and let me tell you. This wave is fully pitted. :ocean:Thanks to everyone that decided to make this happen! You guys ROCK!!!

Yeah me too :slight_smile: I got back into gaming about 2.5 years back because of MCC (specifically H2A). Thre were a lot of issues back then that bugged me, but I looked over them since I tried to focus on only having a blast. So hearing about this update got me pretty excited! And we’re so close to the retail version releasing so the excitement just keeps building.

I’m excited too. Nice gamer tag, by the way. Made me LOL.

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Customs Browser is definitely gonna make this game much more fun as well, I’m excited to hop from custom to custom taking me to my nostalgic halo 3 days…