Im seriously quitting Halo if there is no Falcon.

If the ONI cover-up card is a Phaeton variant and not a Falcon. The similarities are scary. Feel free to join my Memories of Reach strike if it is a Phaeton.

Oni censorship is unfair!
There better be a Falcon in there!
If its a Phaeton
Im coming to Washington!

I hope you enjoy whatever games you play after Halo then, because it’s not a Falcon.


It was nice knowing you on the battlefields of halo. Maybe we can meet again on another battle field some day.

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Bye Felicia

Meh. Falcon is over rated. The amount of cares I gives is equal to or less then the amount of rubber bands on the floor of my post.
At this time that is 4 cares.
Use them wisely

Very narrow way of thinking. Bye!

Cool. I’ll just be here with my shiny new red plasma rifle, and Jun’s armor, and finally use fisticuffs as everyone sucks the new assassination dry.

Can’t tell if bad b8, or just bad judgement…

There are lots of threads about the ONI REQ in the H5 section.