I'm really liking the Fracture event

It’s basically just a rotational playlist but with added free stuff.

My one hope is once forge is out the Fracture playlist are more tailored to the event. This is samurai armour and the playlist is Fiesta which is very random.

If they bring Yoroi events back next year I would love to see some feudal Japan style maps and some interesting gametypes that fit the feel of the event more.

Edit: Positive thread vibes, negatives comments can go in the other Fracture topic please.


O yea that Samurai armor they said we could get for free totally in here yes so cool much wow great bait.


Someone else said I should have a positive topic, so was hoping for that please. We can keep the negative comments to the other fracture event topics.

Positivity is only allowed when one does something worthy of it. 343i has not.

I’m asking nicely please can you keep this to the other topics.

Fiesta with equipment really unleashes the power of the sandbox. Grappling around in streets with a sword felt damn good!

Ps. On behemoth you also get random vehicle spawns including scorpions and wraiths!

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Nooooo, really? That’s hilarious. Looking forward to that.

I mentioned in a topic a little while ago I hope the equipment is randomised in Fiesta. It’s very fun with the equipment.

Be prepared for that scorpion to look like a spaghetti bolognese though with 8 grapples hooked on it lol. Happy hunting!

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“Free Stuff”

By a loose definition - sure.

Yeah I suppose you have to invest time, but it shouldn’t take long to unlock the free cosmetics which is very nice. I’ve played for 3 hours and finished it so anyone with free time this week should be able to get it pretty fast, only takes half an hour a day and you get it so I’d say that’s pretty damn free lol.