I'm probably the only one still playing halo CE but

On the level the Maw, the music still overlaps across the entire level. I’ve tried all difficulties, killing all enemies, etc., and the music from the beginning of the level plays through the entire level.

I know it’s a pathetically small issue, but it completely ruins the ending on the first game! it doesn’t do it on my emulation of halo CE, or my original game copy on an old xbox!

This collection needs some serious love, and I’m kinda shocked that nobody has noticed this through the years, it’s been a while with this …glitch.


It’s a known bug. I submitted this over a year ago and at different points it’s been fixed and broken again.


what a shame, I’ve submitted the claim for years, and they keep closing it, with no fan-fare. I get that there are other issues that take precedence, but this seems like a simple fix, but maybe its not. Not sure how the audio works with old school Halo ha.


Literally just got goosebumps thinking about the Maw level on Halo CE. I might now just have to load up my original Halo CE disc and play on an original Xbox too.


Firstly, nah, you are not alone. Frequently I will go back and do Canon Runs and play through the whole story start to finish.

One that I’ve noticed, aside from the music, is that some weapons don’t display the “Hold X to pick up” prompt. It’s just glitched text. I believe it happens on all Covenant weapons for sure, and I think the Assault Rifle. I have screenshots of them all somewhere.

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Hey, I don’t know what operating system you use to play this game, but I remember reading early on that windows 7, and other source operating systems dont function right with the mcc. Don’t roast me haha, I’m not sure, but I thought that issue was resolved! I’m on windows 10, and havent had an issue with the weapon pickup, though I do remember people really up in arms about it. I hope you’ve resolved the issue, it’s interesting that you’d post on this thread, as no matter what you are running the mcc on, you still have similar, if not, identical audio bugs!

Sorry I’m not much help!