I'm only losing xp never getting any now dropped form diamond 2 to plat 5

Hi all, I think there’s some form of server issue.

In Halo Infinite crossplay ranked: I’m only losing xp never getting any, now dropped form diamond 2 to plat 5 even when winning.

Other team mates get xp but I’m getting none even with the highest score on the team.

This is beyond the joke now, as restated the game an still I’m getting no xp win after win. While others in the team are.

There’s only a change if I lose dropping xp.

It’s been fine scenes i start playing at lunch but not now after a loosing streak it just won’t give me any xp at all for any of my winning games.

Anyone else just loosing XP with no gains at all?


not gaining CSR was already a problem but this sounds like a bug. you should hop off until there’s an update or you’ll just keep going down. Until a lot of things are fixed i have been playing ranked once or twice a week max.


And THERE lies your problem. Turn off crossplay and earn your well-deserved victories Spartan !


PC hacker race ruins everything


Yeah I’m playing on Xbox, if I switch over to controller only list will I be playing only with others on console or also PC players using controller? @RamboBambiBambo

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After the match, you can look at both team rosters to see what system the other players were using.

Same here. Only losing CSR and not gaining any from wins.

Please do not make two of the same thread. Thank you.

Now i have the same problem on the controller only servers as well.

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I had to stop playing ranked, CSR was just going down and nothing for wins. No point playing if the system is bugged.

My friends and I all went up at various times last night. Looks like you went up a bit on Jan 14. Looking at history you were losing more than you were winning. When you did win, it wasn’t as impressive as it should have been. That game you won and went 24-11 - your team should have won on paper, so the game likely thought you did about what you were supposed to - so you would have had to be ABOVE that to go up. Basically you have to do better than what the system predicts you should do. It’s dumb I know, regardless if you should have won and did well that game, you should probably still go up at least a few points for having a 2.0 in a win.

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