I'm old and bad now, here are some thoughts. (Long Rant)

Oh, you mean content that should have been in the game day 1?

For those of you who enjoy bot matches: You can go into a custom game and add bots to it. Up to 4 on each team or 8 in FFA. You can change between 4 difficulties for them and play whatever map and mode you want. Havent tried BTB but its possible you can do 8v8 or 12v12 with the bots


I had no idea this was possible, that’s awesome. I’m assuming you can change the settings to play SWAT or Snipers?

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yes you should be able to. Earlier I played a FFA with 8 bots on the hardest difficulty and switched starting weapon to BR to try to warm up my shot for ranked

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That’s class, can’t wait to play that later. Would love to play some FFA and practice some Snipers.

I personally think a majority here is because the gamespeed is always demanding input wise.

There’s no relaxation phases anymore

Think of old halo btb when spawning in your base again, or after winning a fight you got a breather to enjoy your time.

Theres more “game design” fodder from other games to assist this.
Just one example from league of legends:

  • After killing a wave you get free time, or even in between farming the wave minions theres just… waiting/timing, your mind can relax.

I think the game needs to slow down, hope 343 will implement community playlists where we have slower movespeeds, reloads, jumping, shooting and no sliding with forge modes (think of TU playlists in reach, heavies was born through allowing community that way)

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1000000% agreed. I used to be hardcore competitive in H3 and I still can be when I find the time but playing against these bots is actually fun. Im so over the challenges and “reward” system because I just don’t play that way. It isn’t fun to me. Hoping for change soon!

Imagine calling someone a coward from behind a screen.


Well I hate to be “that guy” but honestly, if they just made it so you never had to engage with PvP it would just cause the game to be worse overall, because essentially tons of people wouldn’t actually play online (lowering population numbers, and or MTX sales) and so requiring people to actually play with other people is probably the best way to go about it.

This does not mean that it can’t have a Firefight/PvE mode mind you, nor that some challenges (that are absurdly hard to achieve like the 5 killing sprees in Fiesta) can’t be changed, just that if they had no reason for you to play online it would overall hurt the game. I was grinding against bots earlier just to get the 50XP per match boost quicker, and whats even more insane is that I see tons of sweats apparently in the bot bootcamp which tells me that the 50XP per match thing is already harmful to the game.

What’s the solution? They just need to make challenges that either reward completing matches or winning matches, and none should be against bots.

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It would be nice to get a little extra xp for performance, too. There is little incentive to actually play well.

Wow, you guys are making me feel bad! I’m 63 and have played every Halo game from the beginning. Age is certainty a factor, eye hand coordination slips, reaction time slows, noting you can do about it, nothing “cowardly” about it either. What you can do is pick a strategy that works for you, weapons or vehicles that work for you, play your strengths. Play as a team and have fun.


From my experience of commonly getting laughed at for not enjoying the pvp in pvp centric games, I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion. If everything was playable as pve, it wouldn’t hurt the pvp population NEARLY as much as you think.

Much to my detriment, people love pvp and will play it en masse even if given a pve option. That option is there for people like me, which are a lot less common and as a result those modes are also a lot less common.

Take a look at For Honor for example. Absolutely everything is playable as a PVE mode with sufficient difficulty bots to boot. The pvp is still, by a significant margin, the more preferred mode of play. Halo is much bigger than for honor. It can take it.

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My enjoyment of competitive PvP started to die out around the Halo 3 days. Had nothing to do with Halo as a brand, just got bored with success in these games being established by being slavish to a particular weapon meta or fixed playstyle and to me that was simply boring. I’ll still play PvP games, but my focus on them has long since faded.

While I prefer coop, PvE modes or even PvPvE modes, I also understand and acknowledge that with the rotation of each generation devs will cater to what’s popular, and thats still competitive MP. If we’re being honest its not as if previous Halo titles offered stellar cosmetic progression outside of MP. There was some, but it was obviously not the focus (with exception of maybe firefight.)

I’m hoping that as the game progresses we’ll see modes fleshed out. I mean we’re not even in retail yet and having the campaign drop with at least give everyone something else to do come Dec 8th, but the lack of coop still irritates me and is quite telling of where the devs focus was.

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Also, just playing the freaking objective (talking about BTB here) will make you better than like 70% of the players. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve played and see everybody playing Slayer on an objective gametype.

learning maps is very helpful too.


My only bit of advice of you’re struggling with the ultimate challenge is to team up with a buddy and have him drive you in a warthog. Similarly try Ghosts or Scorpion if you can actually find one.

Alternatively, play cautiously at a distance with ranged weapons (sniper/BR) with a sword/hammer/rocket in your back pocket.

You should be able to tick off 5 killing sprees easily enough with either of these methods.

Halo Reach is special to me because it expanded all the customization out into the pve modes. Not just firefight, but noble 6 using your custom spartan options. I was a little sad to see it go in games since then.


Nothing you’ve said is too wild. Pretty sure they’ve done studies on aging vs reaction time etc and have noticed similarities between athletes and gamers. It seems natural to play more casual games as time goes on. There aren’t many professional ultra competitive American Football plays for example; over 40. I like to listen to podcasts or youtube personally when I’m playing casually and I feel like I can only do this in BTB or fiesta. It has been said a lot, but this game could in addition to what the OP said, use action sack or a functioning custom games mode at least.

Meh, if it makes him feel better to call me a coward, let him. It’s the little victories in life right?


I’m nearly 30 and have no decrease in reaction time (It’s a function of practice). I do feel for you as the time restrictions family life puts on the ability to be good is tremendous, and I understand totally the anxiety PvP can bring on. Who knew playing quick play would force me to fully engage myself into the game as if it were ranked? It’s the norm now. Social matches are hardly social, in fact they seem harder than ranked Onyx matches. There should be more accessibility to the game to suit players in your position. Adjustable bot difficulty, additional bot modes, etc

Yeah I guess so.

It’s just irritating how disrespectful people on the forums can be.

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