I'm ok with the Phaeton.... but...

I actually really like the idea of having a new Phaeton. I feel like we have needed another variant since launch. However, this was not the time to launch it. In addition, they debuted it horribly. I understand that it needed to be somewhat secretive, but simply blurring it out would have worked. Sure, we would have known it was a phaeton, but we knew almost everything already. It’s having an idea but not knowing anything specific is the fun guessing game. Cool, now we can guess what the phaeton can do

The problem I have is it’s not the Phaeton we wanted. This was a memories of Reach. They had expressed interest in a UNSC vehicle, we had expressed interest in it, and it was the first time the ONI overlay covered it. That meant it was something big and they didn’t want use to know at all. That started a huge guessing game. One in which most people were hoping it was the Falcon. And now most people, including myself, were wrong. Now I’ll admit, in the recent days of analyzing the ONI symbol softened it as it vaguely resembled the Phaeton prepared us for this. But it not being the Falcon will cause two major problems.

  1. 343, you say you listen. Here’s this. I understand teasing is a great way to build hype, and I’m not mad about that. But if you see that players are hoping for something tthat’s not there, you need to tell them as soon as possible. The more you tease someone with something to ultimately let them down, the worse the reception is going to be. Which brings me to the next point.

  2. We needed this Phaeton. It’s way to rare and weak to only have the base variant. But all I will think when I see this is “Oh, but you’re not the Falcon”. It’s the Cinderella to her Step Mother. It’ll never truly be as respected as it should be. We needed this, but you guys dropped the ball, and now many people don’t care about it.

Let’s be honest though, this whole update has been kind of a cluster -Yoink-.
Let’s go over what was done right.

  • The armor looks amazing. Sure a few minor things we could nitpick, but it does look awesome. - Jorge’s machine gun. Though it’s hard to call this a memory of reach because we never really got to use it. Maybe more of a Fantasy of Reach. And not many people actually use turrets in warzone. Only time will tell if it’s perks are good enough. - Infection. I can’t stress how right this is. This is something that will breathe new life into this game. I hope it’s extremely customizable.
    What it did wrong…

  • The tease. I went over this in great detail above. Recap, they should have at least addressed that it would not be the Falcon when threads started blowing up. - The Brute Plasma Rifle. Again, another great addition that came at the wrong time. Not related to Reach - Stasis. Looks like a cool map. But could we have had a Reach remake? I would have loved to have seen Hemorrhage. I mean I know it’s a blood gulch remake, but it’s also a classic. You could have made it look like the Reach version. But I guess that would have required you to make a BTB map that also looks worn and gritty. And we all know you guys aren’t about that life. - The errors in the original preview. They were horrible. Duplicated item and calling the BR and AR. Also why was the DMR blurred. I know I mention the tease being bad earlier. But that wasn’t a tease. That was anyone with any common sense would have known that. I guess you could make the same argument for the armor, but really, the DMR? I digress. Those errors were easily avoidable. Maybe have another person take a look at it before publishing it?
    343, this is what we need to know about the Hog Wild update. Is it going to have Race in it?If not, can you let us know at the end of the livestream. Don’t burn us again.