I'm not usually one to complain


There’s a special thing you need to pick up enemy grenades? Really, 343? Nabbing your vanquished opponent’s loot is a fundamental mechanic for any competitive shooter, nay action game.

That’s just silly.

I think it’s 343’s way of trying to cut down on the grenade spamming.

honestly this is the ONLY THING that im selfish about. everything im open minded haha. but if nades and such are less radial and less powerful i dont see why you need a mod to pick nades up :l

When I first heard it, I was instantly surprised. Why remove a staple of the Halo formula? But, as I thought of it more and more, I realized what a rarity it was for me to pick up unused grenades from my enemies dead body. Perhaps it’s just because I typically play BTB, but unless I get grenades from a spawn point, I just have the two I start with. So I’m not expecting much of a change honestly.

Also of note, nobody seems to be having trouble with it in the PAX videos. In fact, I thought some of the footage was grenade heavy… No matter. Come November 6, we’ll all have a chance to find out for ourselves.