I'm Not Sure Why Console Players Get Better Hit Detection But Here We Are

Its kind of ironic, that as the first Halo game touted as being ideal for PC players at launch its also maybe the first cross platform game in human history where the console players have a stronger version of the game. It’s weird how the tables have turned so much.

Anyway, when is crossplay getting fixed where we can turn that off?


Auto aim is typically higher for controllers, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have a hope at keeping up with KBM. Good KBM players have access to a skill ceiling controller cannot touch, so its there to even the odds.

I find it funny these posts keep coming up, often can’t see one claiming its too potent without another claiming its way too tame far behind.


Most console players would love nothing more than crossplay to be turned off too…hopefully we all get what we want. Unfortunately 343i are as incompetent as it gets…and they’ll prob SMG make us pay for it.


this has nothing whatsoever to do with inputs. There is an actual hit detection discrepancy because desync is atrocious on the pc version of the game and not the xbox versions

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Is there proof that console hitreg is better? I’ve tried both Series S and PC, the game feels very inconsistent on both platforms. I currently play on PC so I can eek out a few more frames compared to the Series S, but if there’s undeniable proof that console is better I’d gladly make the switch back until the issue is addressed

because when I check, every single player that is shooting around walls like that movie Wanted is on xbox

Ah, the classic “Trust me bro”


yeah no, you’re right, this is all just a dream we’re in right now, a simulation. Nothing is real and the points don’t matter

I haven’t played it on Xbox yet, only been playing it on PC and with the exception of a small handful of times, I can’t really say I’ve had a hit detection issue. And some of those few times were because there was some lag going on (as evident by people slingshotting across the map for a few seconds.). I honestly don’t have much experience on the Xbox to counter your statement though.

PC wouldn’t be so bad with aiming if red reticle was re-enabled imo

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I’m sure all pros are playing on PC to intentionally give themselves worse hitreg when thousands of dollars are on the line. You figured it out boss!


I agree with your bottom line, but I’m not seeing where the solid evidence of consoles experiencing less desync and hit registration issues can be found.

If the desync I’m experiencing on console is not as bad as yours on PC…
Then you have my pity.

It’s not. Console players are especially obvious due to the Spammable weapons in this game. A sidekick is a near instant kill because of it

Desync sucks everywhere and bullet magnetism curving around corners is gross. I don’t even care about the peripherals at this point, it’s the servers.

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As someone on both PC and XB I notice this as well, but it’s def do to the performance bugs on PC. The game runs twice as good on console.

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Console master race…