I'm not sure they're giving up on slipspace

I may be wrong but I’m more then certain in a content creators video they talked about launching the BR and next campaign dlc from within Infinites UI

This isn’t an impossible feat as we know the campaign is a separate download from MP.

Is it not possible to jump engines using infinite as a launcher?

I mean they spent what? A couple hundred mil on Halo infinite? Yeah we all agree contracting out slipspace was beyond dumb especially if none of those on contracts were kept for doing great work.

The engine is a mess but just abandoning it doesn’t seem like a sound business model to me.

I can see using UE5 for expansions and holding while they work on SS in the background. This allows Halo infinites model to still be viable and MP to continue functioning.

I’m no business leader and I don’t know the ins and outs of how this all functions but in not to far off the ball am I? Thoughts?

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There’s been a lot of improvement to the slipspace engine this past year. by the time the campaign dlc is ready the engine will be polished and doing what they envisioned years ago.

A month from now we get campaign co op, mission replay, match xp beta, and 2 maps. Each 1 of these things would’ve caused critical errors at launch. Now they’re ready to be implemented in a mostly stable environment.

Players can expect forge to be a little buggy as it’ll be in beta for the next year. But it’ll work and keep getting improvements.

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I don’t see how this would be viable without the need to switch between UE5 and SS iterations of the game creating a jarring experience in the process. These engines won’t function at the same time under the same hood.

If there truly is a UE5 Halo project in the mix, it’ll either be a port (of sorts) of Infinite as we know it now or (most likely) a separate project altogether.

But parts of the MCC function with UE Doesn’t it? It’s menu and customization screens.

Ui and the customisation mdoel viewer menus. Front end interface stuff.

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