I'm not letting my problem just go away

I’ve been trying to get an answer for close to 2 weeks now and I keep getting turned different directions and no one wants to answer my questions. The link is my original post about an issue with custom challenges on Halo reach. I’ve sent messages to bsangel, I’ve tweeted to HaloWaypoint, I’ve contacted xbox support, and I’ve posted in here 3 or 4 times now. I just want an answer from a moderator. I want someone that works for 343 industries to actually answer my question. It seems to me like 343 is just wanting to sweep my problem under the rug and ignore it. Fix this.


I want an answer

And you think posting thread after thread after thread, double posting, and bumping your threads is going to bring an answer?
check your other threads.


I’ve checked all of my threads. I’ve been trying to contact 343 for 12 days now on the same issue. I keep getting directed here. I’m just trying to get someone to answer me. I don’t want to post a bunch and basically spam the forums but I don’t want just ignored by moderators either. Thanks for reporting someone who wants just wants an answer.

Moderators have no control over the forum codes, and most of them wouldn’t know how or what to say.
The web staff are a very quite bunch, they rarely post, but does this mean they are ignoring you, it just means they’re hard at work. For a good long time, there was this bug on the forums known as the “Sign out” bug, it was random, annoying, and a number of people was effected by it, people complained about it a lot, and up until this last site update, it popped up a lot, and so far, it hasn’t been heard from since.

I really don’t think 343i is going to spend time telling you and others that they’re working on a fix every time someone posts “There’s a bug!”, after sometime they’ll spend more time replying to people like you, than fixing the problem.

Just look at this forum board, if you go through all of the pages you’ll see a large number of threads that outline the same things, “Why can’t I edit my sig”, “Why this”, and “Why that”.

Please refrain from posting multiple threads about the same topic.