I'm not getting achievements on MCC that I earned

I unlocked 4 achievements on The Master Chief Collection but the percentages for them have not tracked even though the progress for them are clearly shown on the game. I am quite irritated and would just like my achievements to be given to me that I’ve worked painstakingly hard for. I played the Spartan Episodes all 100 chapters on Legendary solo and completed them all last night (March 28th, 2018) and the progress is clearly shown for all the chapters being completed on solo Legendary but on Xbox I have only received the achievements for completing the chapters on Normal Mode (“Term of Enlistment” Achievement), the achievement for completing all the chapters (Feet First achievement), plus the individual Episode completion achievements which I will not list the names for. I have still not received the achievements for completing the Chapters on Heroic (“Hazard Pay” Achievement), Legendary (“Icarus” Achievement), and Legendary Solo (“Smooth Operator” Achievement). I also was supposed to get the achievement for unlocking the par score on Halo 2’s “Outskirts” campain mission (“Objective Secured” Achievement). The Spartan Ops achievements are stuck at 96% and the Halo 2 achievement is stuck at 35% on Xbox even though the game acknowledges that I’ve completed all the chapters Solo on Legendary and I worked painstakingly hard to get the par score as I achievement hunt in this game. I understand and have talked to Microsoft support and they have told me along with many forums that it takes 24-72 hours to unlock these achievements but that means I should’ve gotten that Halo 2 achievement almost a week ago and if I can unlock other achievements within seconds after completing them then the Spartan Ops ones should’ve done the same. I feel pissed off and I just want my achievements and to talk to someone about them even a developer if needed just to get them.

343i has confirmed that there are issues blocking people from getting achievments, and some MCC updates are going to be thrown out soon to address these sort of issues.

Hey OP, feel free to use the pinned thread in the main MCC forums for tracking achievement issues. Thanks