I'm not excited...

…For Halo 4. To be honest, the game just doesn’t appeal to me. My xbox friend and I are definitely taking advantage of all the ranked playlists right now, as we understand we don’t have very much longer. I know that a lot of you all are extremely excited, but just remember that their are those that really wish it would never exist. Halo 4 that is.

If anyone is up for Halo 3, hit us up!

sigh… Just don’t buy it if you’re not exited.

But i’m always up for Halo 3

I’m sure you will have many people still playing Halo 3 with you! Have fun… uh… guess thats it…


And why do we need to know this…?

So you have to come here and tell us that and try to start flaming. If ou wanted to have people play with you, then you would’ve gone to Halo 3 or Recruiting section. But no, you chose to come here and rip on the game.

Good-bye and stay in the past, because you will gain nothing from it.

What’s your point here? Another angry gamer not buying the game because it doesn’t have ranked playlists?

Too bad.

I still don’t really see a reason why people go -Yoink- over the fact that there’s no ranked playlists, or a visible ranking system. I’m dissapointed that they’re not there, but jeez, it’s not all the game is about. Campaign, spartan ops, forge? Hell, multyplayer would be just as fun with all the new additions, maybe not what it could live up to with ranks, but, eh. To each their own!

Nope sorry time has moved on and Halo 3 is in the past and that it where it shall stay and be remembered as a great game from the past Halo 4 is where its at now your just going to have to accept there is not going to be 1-50 and in the near future we may have some form of ranking system :slight_smile:

We don’t need to know this OP.

I plan to still play Halo 3 after halo 4’s release. I always wish I could go back to 2007 and experience halo 3’s release again. It was so epic and I’ll never experience a game quite like halo 3 but oh well. I can only hope halo 4 will bring good moments now.

these threads are the best.

Halo 4 Forums:
hey guys just letting you know im still playing halo 3 cause 4 sucks and stuff. Well thats it. hope you guys reply…

(He just knows shortly he will be lonely…)

OP wants some cheese to go with his whine.

Let him be…The great journey waits for no one.

<OP thinks people needed to know this>

What about Halo 2 on LAN?

In a moment everything we ever loved will be gone…