I'm not buying Halo 5's LE or DLC.

Warning: Rant ahead

In fact, I think Halo 4 will be the last Halo game I purchase.
I personally think the game is good, and still has enormous potential. All it needs is some fixes. I understand supposed time constraints, and I forgive you for the bugs and such. One thing I cannot forgive is your disregard to your most loyal customers: LE and DLC buyers. The way you have treated the LE buyers, is downright awful.

-LE owners were told standard owners wouldn’t get the six specializations basically right when the game launched. But you changed that, and devalued the LE.

-FUD, another part of the content, was made widely available to everyone. Again, this devalues the LE.

-Everyone remember the Reach August update? 343 basically gave anyone who bought DLC the middle finger, because they had no definite way of playing the DLC online.
CEA only people couldn’t even play Timberland, or 8v8, online at all.

-(-Yoink!-'s fault?)The biggest issue was the Crimson map pack. Basically, anyone who paid for all the packs in advance (LE or season pass) got severely ripped off because standard owners had a huge opportunity, lasting most of the day, to get the DLC for free. Accident or not, it still shows anyone who shelled out the extra money got the short end of the stick.

In a nutshell: Halo 4 LE customers paid $100 for something really worth $70 only a month after release.

It’s not all about money. You need to start treating your customers more ethically.

Rant over.

Congratulations, you already stated what half of the people in these threads have already said.

Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but this has already been said by many others, and its not really a thread worthy topic either. Expect many people saying they don’t care.

Good. Maybe 343 will get the message if people keep criticizing them for this treatment.

While I agree, I’m a little disappointed with 343’s handle on Halo thus far…
But don’t be a child and start throwing s temper saying your not playing anymore.
Halo 5 will roll around and you’ll be buying a playing it, because you know you will.

That’s good to know. I won’t be buying a pair of jeans next year from that last place I bought them at because they frayed strangely around the pockets.

I wouldn’t buy LE for any game. Yes I bought it for Reach but it was $30 extra dollars and I only got armor I didn’t use. LE’s in general aren’t a worthy buy in my opinion. If there is something in it you want, jump on online stores (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and you can buy it cheap there. 343 did screw you guys over though, majorly. I couldn’t think of this crap. I pre-ordered it and it looks like I got it better than you. I may download the map pack in the future because it sounds good.

You’ll buy Halo 5…and then come on here and proclaim how it sucks and that Halo 4 was better and that Halo 5 needs to be more like Halo 3. It’s the never ending cycle.

> That’s good to know. I won’t be buying a pair of jeans next year from that last place I bought them at because they frayed strangely around the pockets.

Bad analogy.

Congratulations. You have said the same thing that a lot of other people have said.

Noone on these forums understands CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM but instead go right to bashing.

Maybe if people would stop acting like babies about this game maybe, just maybe we would hear something. If I was 343i, I would have an extremely hard time taking the people who are playing my game seriously, especially when they act like spoiled kids who didn’t get their damn lollipop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely happy with this game but I trust 343 is working on the necessary fixes. Until then, shut the -Yoink- up and stop -Yoinking!-. If they don’t deliver on a fix for the game, then stop playing it, simple as that.

this is like going vegan because you got woody in your happy meal and theyre giving out free buzz lightyear’s with every big mac

dont get me wrong, i think the buzz lightyear should be in the happy meal, but i wouldnt throw away a burger over it

alright, then don’t buy it…

I don’t really think there was a need to formally announce your decision when this forum is full of this sort of stuff every day.

Lmao, try again! :slight_smile:

+1 to OP. Though I will probably buy Halo 5 I won’t be buying LE or any DLC until it’s been out for a while.

343/MS have really dropped the ball on this DLC shitz.

It’s all good, at least that copy can go to an appreciative fan instead.

It’s alright OP, I’ll buy two Halo 5 LEs just to offset you not buying one.